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Unit 1

m_seum 博物馆 g_m 体育馆 m_ _ket 市场 ch_ _ch 教堂

sup_ _market 超市 b_ _ch 海滩 c_fe 咖啡馆 c_n_ma 电影院

h_sp_tal 医院

____ were you yesterday?

I ____at the museum.

Why were you there?

Because …

His eye ___ blue.

____he handsome?

Yes, he _______

No, he _______

Unit 2

relaxed ______ historic______ modern______ crowded _____ splendid_____ b___sy 繁忙的 b__ __ utiful 美丽的 friend__ __友好的 tr__p 旅行 m__ __可以

How was your trip__ Chengdu?

It __wonderful.

Where ___ you go yesterday?

I ___to Hong Kong.

What ___ your highlight there?

E ?mei Mountain.

Did you___any photos?

Of course I ___

____I have a look?我可以看一看吗?


dr__ __k 饮料 play games _______

Drinks ___________ _____________

Food ___________ _____________ ___________ Clothes ___________ _____________

Drinks ___________ _____________

Activities __________ _____________

Yesterday ____Alice?s birthday.

Colin , Kevin, and Wu Chen___ ___ her party yesterday.

Alice ____beautiful ____her new jeans and sweater yesterday. They all ___to Alice “Happy birthday!” at that time.

The party ___ over at 11 o? clock.

Unit 4

____ the pigs ____ the cow ____ the horse ____ apples _____ eggs _____ the garden

______the corn b__ __ter 更好的 week__ __d周末 __fter 在……之后 bef__re 在……之前

How are you ?

I feel much better.

What did you __ at the weekend?

I ___ to my uncle?s farm with some friend.

We finish all the work ___ we left.在离开之前我们完成了所有的工作。

How exciting!

Why not ___ with us next Saturday?

Unit 5

Halloween _______ costume party________

mask________ pumpkin lantern_________ go trick-or treating _________ ghost _________ f__st__val 节日 l__st 上一个 h__ __se 房子 Halloween is ___the 31st of October.

Last year in my house in New York , we ___a fancy costume party.

We ____many lanterns with pumpkins at that time. We ____horrible masks at that party.

One of the neighbors didn?t give us candies, so we ___ticks ___him.

Unit 6

children?s park _______ gas station________

drugstore__________ department store_________ cinema_________ bus station_______

library ________ zoo______ hospital_______ h__t__l 宾馆 b__nk 银行 p_st __ff__ce 邮局

excuse______ next to _______ opposite to_______ Where is the post office?

Go straight ahead for three blocks.Then turn right ___Third Street.

The post office is ___ ____(紧挨着)the bank.

The hospital is ___ ____(在……对面)the drugstore.

Unit 7

in____ on_____ under_____ near_____

between_______ kilometer____ hour_____

n__ __th 北 __ __st 东 s__ __th 南 w__st 西 in f__ __nt of 在…….前面

b__h__nd 在…..后面

Where?s your country?

It?s west___ China.

How far is it___ China?

How far is it ___Beijing ___Ji?nan?

How ___ is the flight?

Unit 8

____a gold medal 赢得奖 _____ _____ 徒步旅行

____ the present打开礼物 _____ photos拍照 ____ a football ____进行足球比赛

_____ a barbecue 进行烧烤 t__ __m 组,队

cl__ssm__te 同班同学

____ ____ my photos!

My father ___ it for me last year.

Our football team ___the first place at that match. Look at the ____boy.(看到这个最高的男孩) Look! How happy I ____.

Look at the photo ____the left.

A birthday party.

On a farm.

Halloween .

at the museum in the school yard on the playground on a farm on the Avenue at the weekend last year next year have a look look at go straight turn right turn left on the left on the right

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