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Listening Part听力部分 一、 听录音,选出你所听到的单词。(10分) 1. ( ) A. at the museum B. in the school yard C. at the market 2. ( ) A. It was beautiful B. It was wonderful C. It was crowded 3. ( ) A. pick apples B. feed the pigs C. brush the horse 4. ( ) A. sandwich B. hot dog C. French fries 5. ( ) A. yesterday B. weekend C. last night “Happy birthday!” to me. I will th birthday.

Writing Part 读写部分 一、 选词填空。(5分) 1. His eyes _____(was/were)blue. 2. _____ (Did/DO) you take any photos yesterday? 3._____ (Was/Were ) he handsome? 4. I_____ (watched/watch) TV at the weekend. 5. Hangzhou is a_____ (relax/relaxed) city. 6. ------Was he very old?

------No, he______ (weren’t/wasn’t).

7.How was your trip_____(to/in)Cheng

8.Everyone______(said/sayed)“Happy birthday!”

9. Why _____(not/didn’t) listen to music?

10. We helped Uncle Wang _______(pick/picked)apples.


超市____________ 2. cinema _________

体育馆_________ 4. hospital________

旅行___________ 6. supermarket_______

美丽的_________ 8. Friendly__________

可以__________ 10. play games_________


( )1. Where were you yesterday? A. I went to Hong Kong. ( )2. How was your trip to Chengdu? B. I was at the museum. ( )3. What did you do at the weekend? C. Great!

( )4. Was he handsome? D. Because Robin Williams was there. ( )5. Did you take any photos? E. Yes, he was.

( ) 6.Why not go with us next Saturday? F. It was wonderful.

( ) 7. What was your highlight in Chengdu? G. E’ mei mountain.

( ) 8. Why were you there? H. Yes, I did.

( ) 9.Where did you go? I. We helped Uncle Wang pick apples.


They were friendly.







A: Hi, Wu Chen. Where did you go for your holiday?

B: I went to the U.S.

A: The U.S. great! What was the weather there?

B: It was sunny and warm.

A: What did you do?

B:I took a lot of photos .

A: May I have a look?

B: Sure.

A: Wow! How beautiful! Who did you go with?

B: My family.

A: How long did you stay there?

B: About two weeks.

( ) 1. Wu Chen went to the U.S.

( ) 2. It was rainy and windy in the U.S.

( ) 3. Wu Chen took a lot of photos in the U.S.

( ) 4. Wu Chen went to the U.S. with her family.

( ) 5. They stayed at the U.S about three weeks.

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