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班级 姓名 得分



1. g h ( ) 2. x ( ) z

3. d ( ) f 4. ( ) p q

5. s ( ) u


6. F 7. G 8. B

9. Q 10. J



( )1. A.swim B.swing C.socks

( )2. A. grapes B. rabbit C. cat

( )3. A. sheep B. goat C. ship

( )4. A.piano B.play C.guitar

( )5. A.watch B.where C.why

B、看句子选图。选出与所给句子意思相符的图片,将其番号填入题前括号内。 ( )6.They like dancing.



. C.

( )7.It’s time to have lunch.


A. B. C.

( )8.The monkey is cute. A B. C.

( )9.There is a fan in my classroom.

A. B. C.

( )10.I am very hot.

A. B. C.


( )1.Let me you.

A.showing B.to show C.show

( )2.— your father? —He is a driver.

A.Who’s B.What’s C. How’s

( )3.— _______ ?

— I’m going to the bookstore.

A.When are you going to the bookstore?

B. Where is the bookstore?

C. Where are you going this Sunday?

( )4.—How tall are you?


A. I’m 164cm tall. B.Fine ,thank you.C. I’m ten.

( )5.—____is the table?

—It’s near the mirror.

A. It B.What C. Where

( )6.—What’s your mother?



A.He is a doctor. B.He is tall and fat.

C.She is a teacher.

( )7.8. There are _______ months in a year.

A. twelve B. twenty C. seven

( )8.Let’s go this Sunday.

A.shop B.shopping C.shoppings

( )9.Can I ask you questions?

A.an B.some C.a

( )10.— do you go to bed?

—At 9:30 in the evening.

A.What B.When C.Where

( )11. — How does she go to school?


A. By a bus . B. By the bus . C. on foot.

( )12. --______ that old woman?

-- She is my grandma.

A. What’s B. Who’s C. How’s.

( )13. —How much is the shirt ?


A. It’s 5:00 pm. B. It's fine C. It's 100 yuan.

( )14. How old are you ?


A .Fine , thanks. B. I’m fine , thank you. C. I’m twelve.

( )15.— What’s your hobby?

— ____.

A. I like my family B. I am strong C. I like playing football



Today is Sunday .It’s cloudy .We are going to the library .It is far from my home. We can take the No.2 bus and get off at the bank after 40 minutes. The library is near the bank. We walk west from the bank for two minutes,turn north and go straight for three minutes. We can find it on the left of the road. The library is very interesting. I like it. So I often go there.


1. On Saturday ,we want to go to the bank.


2. We can go there by plane.

3. The library is not far from the bank.

4.The library is very interesting.

5.I like the library very much.


A crow(乌鸦) finds a piece of meat. She takes it and flies(fly) into a big tree. She wants to eat it for lunch.

A fox sees the crow. He stands(站) under the tree and says,” Miss Crow, you are very beautiful. I think your voice(声音) is very beautiful, too. Can you sing a song for me?”

The crow is very happy. She opens her mouth and begins to sing. And the meat falls down into the fox’s mouth.

( ) 1. The _______ has a piece of meat.

A. crow B. fox C. tiger

( ) 2. Where is the crow?_______________.

A. She is in the tree. B. She is under the tree

C. She is on the ground

( ) 3. Where is the fox? _______________.

A. He stands near the tree

B. He stands under the tree

C. He stands in the tree

( ) 4. The fox wants to_______________.

A. eat the crow B. eat the meat C. listen to a song

( ) 5. Which one is right?

A. The crow is very beautiful

B. The crow’s voice is very beautiful, too.

C. The crow is very happy and she begins to sing a song





1. g h ( i ) 2. x ( y ) z

3. d ( e ) f 4. ( o ) p q

5. s ( t ) u

B. 省略


1. C 2. A 3. C 4.B 5. A

6. A 7. B 8.A 9. C 10.A


1.C 2.B 3.C 4.A 5.C

6.C 7.A 8.B 9.B 10.B

11.C 12. B 13. C 14. C 15. C


(一) 1. × 2. × 3. √ 4.√ 5.√

(二)1. A 2.A 3. B 4. B 5. C


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