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What is our life like 说课稿

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Unit 1
What Is Our Life Like?
Vocabulary dialogue

? Teaching


?Teaching objectives
? Key and difficult points ? Teaching and learning strategies

? Teaching procedures
? Reflection

Teaching material

Teaching objectives

At the end of the class, students will be able to : 1.use the frequency adverbs:always/often/usually/sometimes/never and the phrases:do some reading/go to work /go to school/surf the net/take exercise. 2. act out the whole dialogue . 3.talk with classmates about their life fluently and learn to cooperate with each other. 3.learn how to arrange their time after school.

Key and difficult points
1.the ability to distinguish and use the frequency adverbs :often/usually/sometimes/never/always 2.To use the phrases: take some exercise/ surf the internet/go to school/ go to work 3. To use the sentences: I always/ often/sometimes/usually/never + do sth…… 1.the correct use of the frequency adverbs 2.the fluency and the accuracy of speaking the new sentences

Teaching & learning strategies
TPR Communicative activity

Teaching aids
pictures、 chalk、 blackboard 、chart .etc

Teaching procedures Step 1 Lead-in(A&B)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Go to school Surf the Internet


√ and √ √ √ afterusually A. Ask answer. (What √do you do class?)

Teacher do a survey of students and fill in the blank. sometimes
√ √ √ always

Take some √ Teacher exercise

B:Presentation---Read the new phrases:

act out the phrases( do some homework / ta some exercise /do some reading/go to work/surf the Do some √ √ √ often internet) reading Ss act and read following the teacher.
Go to work never

Step 2 Practice
A:read the sentences:
I often/sometimes/usually/ never take seome exercise/surf the internet/go to school/ go to work from Monday to Friday…..

B: Say and act:
T: acts -- take some exercise/surf the internet/go to school/ go to work Ss: say and act- take some exercise/surf the internet/go to school/ go to work

C:pair work:
S1: act -do some homework/ take some exercise/ S2: guess and say- do some homework/ take some exercise/

D:act the activity according to the picture one by one:
S NO.1:I often take some exercise (act and say) S NO.2………………………..

Step 3 production
A.introduce their life at the weekend.
(S 1: I often take some exercise at the weekend. S 2:I usually do some reading on Saturday.)

Step 4 Summary
A: finish the following exercise:
1. She (通常) does her homework at the weekend. 2. They always at 7:00.(去学校) 3. I surf the internet from Monday to Friday.(从不) 4. Do you always (做运动) on Saturday?

B:stress the important point of the class:
a.always﹥ often﹥usually﹥sometimes﹥never b..phrases: take some exercise/surf the internet/ go to school/ go to work c. sentence’s structure: I often/sometimes/never/usually/always + do sth……

Step 5 homework
1. Copy the words and phrase in the paper. 2. Draw a picture about your own daily

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