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( )1、comp_ter A 、a B、 o C、 u

( )2、c_nteen A、a B、e C、 i

( )3、p_cture A 、e B、 i C、 a

( )4、fl__r A、 oo B 、ou C、 ee

( )5、d_nn_r A 、i?o B 、i?e C 、e?e

( )6、s_ven A、 a B、 i C、 e

( )7、__ess A、 bl B 、dr C、 md

( )8、yell__ A、 ou B 、oo C、 ow

( )9、sk__t A 、ir B 、ur C、 ar

( )10、t__ A 、en B 、em C、 in


( )1、 A、 library B、 canteen C、 computer ( )2、 A、 lunch B、 English class C、 music class ( )3、 A、 nine B、 first C、 one

( )4、 A、 art room B、 gym C、 light

( )5、 A、 blue B、 red C、 dress

( )6、 A、 school B、 shirt C、 jacket ( )7、 A、 jeans B、 whose C、 shorts ( )8、 A、 board B、 gym C、 floor

( )9、 A、 dinner B、 lunch C、 canteen ( )10、 A、 English B、 purple C、 Chinese ( )11、 A、 red B、 art C、 yellow ( )12、 A、 skirt B、 sweater C、 music


1、There (am is are)my jeans.

2、My pencil is (in on under)the schoolbag.

3、It is time (for to at )go to school.

4、I go to my computer class(in on at )Thursday.

5、(This That These)are Tom shoes.

6、(where what)is my English book.

四、读一读,画线处发音相同的画“√” ,反之画“×” 。(12分)

( )1、we he ( )2、window pig ( )3、cat face

( )4、 bed me ( )5、apple snake ( )6、desk egg

( )7、 kite ice?cream ( )8、get ten ( )9、three see

( )10、 hat bag ( )11、rice fish ( )12、pen she


( )1、__students in your class?

A 、How many B、 How much C、 How old

( )2、We have __computer room.

A 、an B、 the C、 a

( )3、This __my friend .

A 、are B 、is C、 am

( )4、__is the art room?It is on the first floor.

A、 What B、 Where C、 Which

( )5、Is this the library?______

A、 Yes ,it is B 、No,it is C、 Yes,it is not. ( )6、It is time __dinner.

A、 to B、 for C、 on

( )7、__time is it? It is seven o,clock.

A、 What B、 How C 、Where

( )8、__cap is it?

A 、Who B、 Whose C、 Where

( )9、These__his pants.

A、 are B、 is C、 am

( )10、__colour is it?

A、How B、Where C、What


( )1、Is this your skirt? A It is Mary,s shirt.

( )2、What time is it? B There are my socks.

( )3、Whose shirt is it? C It is yellow.

( )4、What colour is it? D No,it is not.

( )5、Where are my socks? E It is tow o,clock.


( )1、当别人帮助了你,你应该说:_______

A Thank you B Yes,you are good.

( )2、当你做错事了,向别人道歉时要说:_____

A OK B I am sorry.

( )3、向他人询问身体情况时,你要说:_____

A How are you? B Are you hungry?

( )4、当你向别人请教问题时,你可以说:________

A Excuse me B What are you doing?

( )5、你想看看某样东西时,你会说:____

A May I have a look? B Sure.Here you are.

( )6、当我们要向他人告别时,我们应该说:_____

A OK,Let,s go. B Byebye.


( )1.Go to the teacher’s office. A.Water the flowers.

( )2. Go to the canteen. B. Eat some noodles.

( )3. Go to the library. C.Play football.

( )4. Go to the playground. D.Read a story-book.

( )5. Go to the garden. E.Hand in the homework.


1. is the that library ?

2. our classroom is that.

3. is this teacher's office the .

4. our to welcome school .

5. canteen is the first the floor on .

十、 Read and choose(选择相对应的答句)9分

( ) 1. Where is the computer room? A. There are forty-six.

( ) 2. Do you have a canteen? B. It’s on the second floor.

( ) 3. How many students are there in your class? C. Yes, we do.

( ) 4. Is this the art room? D. Thank you.

( ) 5.Your school is beautiful. E. Yes, it is.


Hello!My name is Sarah.I am ten years old.I go to YuCai school.Our school is very big.We have a big playground and a beautiful garden.We have a big library ,too.We can read books in the library.But we do not have a TV room.I am in Class 1,Grade 4.My classroom is on the second floor.

I like our school!It is beautiful.

( )1、Sarah is 10.

( )2、She is a student from XiaoHua school.

( )3、The school is small.

( )4、The playground is big.

( )5、There is a TV room at school.

( )6、Sarah,s classroom is on the second floor.

( )7、Sarah likes her school.

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