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What can we do on a field trip?
We can catch butterflies / ….

Is she writing a report? No, she isn’t.

Is he taking pictures? Yes, he is.

Is she doing an experiment? No, she isn’t.

Is she picking up leaves? No, she isn’t.

What is Sarah doing? She is writing a report.

Is he counting insects? Yes, he is.

Are they having a picnic? No, they aren’t.

Are they playing chess? No, they aren’t.

What is he doing?
He is collecting leaves.

She is doing an experiment.

It’s late. It’s time to go home.

It’s 5:00 P.M.. It ’s time to go home.
Everybody is leaving the woods for home .

leave leaving


Is everybody here?
No. John and Amy are not here.

1. Is John playing chess? Yes, he is. 2. Is Amy counting insects? No, she isn’t.

It’s sunny today. The students and the teacher are in the woods. They are on a field trip. Everybody is having fun. It’s five o’clock now. It’s time to go home. But where/ is John? He is playing chess . Amy is not writing a report. She is not counting insects, either. Look! She is running to the teacher.

Act and say.
S1: (表演一个动作)
S2: Is he/she…? S3: Yes, he/she is. No, he/she isn’t.

1. Listen and repeat the text twice. 2. Read, look and write.

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