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( )1. A. hamburger B. sandwich C. sausage ( )2. A. cola B. dollar C. colour ( )3. A. cent B. copy C. collect ( )4. A. noisy B. never C. night

( )5. A. duck B. doorbell C. dancing

三、根据录音内容,为下列句子的空格处选择正确的单词。每个句子读两遍。( )1. I want _________ and a cola.

A. a hot dog B. a hamburger C. some noodles

( )2. –How much is it? –It’s ______ dollars and twenty-five cents.

A. fifteen B. thirteen C. thirty

( )3. We are going to eat .

A. at half past twelve B. at twelve C. at half past eleven

( )4. What do you want to ?

A. drink B. eat C. play

( )5. Tomorrow, it’s going to ________ in Harbin.

A. rain B. snow C. windy


( ) 1. A. I want a hamburger. B. I want a cola. C. It’s nine dollars.

( ) 2. A. A hamburger and a cola. B. At half past twelve. C. It’s going to rain soon.

( ) 3. A. Yes, it is. B. No, it isn’t C. It’s a hot dog ( ) 4. A. I want some chicken. B. I want a cola. C. No, it isn’t. ( ) 5. A. You are in Harbin. B. In 2010 C. They’re my parents.


一、 你能跟据图片的意思连线并写出汉语意思吗?

warm snow rain hot sunny

号内。 ( )1. We’re A. go to B. going to C. going ( )2. – –It’s eighty dollars. A. How many B. How much C. How old ( )3. It’s raining and we are ________a tree. A. in B. under C. on ( )4. ––At half past twelve. A. When B. What C. Where ( )5. – – Because I ‘m a dancer. A. What B. When C. Why 五、根据问题找出相应的回答。 )1. What do you want to drink? A. It’s six dollars. )2. How much is it? B. No, I want a hot dog. )3. What are you going to do? C. At six. )4. When are we going to go? D. We’re going to have a picnic.

Simon: When are we going to eat ,mum? Mum: At half past twelve. Simon: What time is it? Mum: It’s ______. Simon: What ___ we going to do now? Mum: We are ____ ____ walk around the lake. Simon: But it’s going to ____ soon. Mum: No, it’s a beautiful day. let’s go.

Simon: These ducks are very _____.

Daming: And they’re very hungry. .A. noisy B. rain C. going to D. twelve o’clock E. are


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