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六年级英语下册 3-4 单元测试

分数 一 、写出下列单词的适当形式。(5分)

1.do (第三人称单数形容词 3.child(复数形式) ________ 4.shine(现在分词) ________ 5.can(否定形式)________ 二、写出下列动词的过去式。(5分) have-- watch--

am/is-- are-- do--

She is going to go shopping. ’s Sam’s. At half past twelve.

’s five dollars. 四 、单项选择。(15分)

( )1.What do you want? I want two_______. A. hamburger B. cola C. hot dogs

( )2.——____colas do you want? ——Four colas, please.

A. How many B. How much C. How

( )3.——____are you going to go to school?——At half past seven. A. When B. What C. Where ( )4.——____is it? ——It’s five am.

A. What B. When C. What time

( )5.I’m looking _______ of the window. A. for B. at C. out ( )6.It is going to _______tomorrow. A. be sunny B. hot C. warm ( )7.——Who can help me?——Sorry , I ___ carry the bag.

A. can’t B. can C. don’t

( )8.I’m making _______birthday card.

A. Daming B. Daming’s C. Damings ( )9.Look! Lucy is _______a new bike today. A. jumping B. running C. riding

( )10. Listen!The boys _______ singing. A. is B. am C. are ( )11.We ____going to fly kites. A is B am C are ( ) 12.Will you take a ball? No, I _____.

A won’t B doesn’t C isn’t

( ) 13. She will___ basketball tomorrow.

A play B playing C plays

( ) 14.I’ll have a class___ Monday. A on B in C under ( ) 15.It will____ in Beijing.

A be windy B windy C snows 五、选择合适的句子补全短文(10分) A. You can finish the card later. B.The oranges are falling.

C. All the balloons are flying away. D .Where’s your mum?

E. Who can come out to help me?


Simon:She’s at the supermarket. She’s buying things for your birthday party. Daming:Oh! Am I going to have an American birthday this year? Simon:Yes. And I’m making you a birthday card. Mum: __________________ I can’t carry them all!

Simon: Sorry, I can’t. I’m making Daming’s birthday card. Daming: I will help you!

Mum:Hold on to the balloons, please.

Daming:Oh no! ________________________ I can’t hold the oranges and the balloons!

__ ___ Mum:Too late! But look at the sky!

Simon:Wow! The sky says, “Happy birthday, Daming!” 六、将下列句子补充完整。(10分)



7.had Saturday funny a day on I very

1.In this photo, the sun _______________(照耀着). ___________________________________________

2.The birds __________________ (正在唱歌). 8. am /a/ making /I/ you/ card/ birthday/for.

3.Now look at this photo. We are ________________(野餐). ___________________________________________

4.The ducks are (eat) our picnic. 9.singing trees are the birds the in

5.We are ___________________________________________

6.I am (send) some photos. 10. buying she’s your for birthday things

7.The balloons (fly) away. ___________________________________________

8.He will (pick) up the apples. 九、阅读理解。(10分)

9.He (stand) up. It is on Sunday morning. The sun is shining. We have no classes. We are playing

10.Who can (help) me? in the park. Some girls are singing and dancing under a big tree. Some boys are

七、阅读短文,判断正误 (10 分) climbing the hill. Tom is drawing by the lake. Mike and John are swimming in the Hello, my name is Li Ming. I am a boy. I am eleven years old. lake. Where are Betty and Mary? They are sitting under a small tree. They are Now let me tell you something about my family. There are four people in my reading a picture book. We are very happy.

family. They are my father, my mother, my sister, and I. My father likes January ( )1.What’s the weather like today?

and February. I like October. I don’t like January and February. It’s cold today. A. It’s Sunday. B. It’s fine. C. It’s raining.

1. Li Ming is twelve years old. 2. There are four people in his family. ( )2.Where are they playing?

3. His father likes January and March. A. In the park. B. On the hill. C. In the lake.

4. It’s hot today. ( )3.Who is climbing the hill?

5. He doesn’t like January. A. Some girls. B. Some boys. C. Some teachers.

八 、连词成句。(30分) ( )4.Where are Betty and Mary? A. They are on the tree.

1. all I carry can’t them B. They are under the tree. C. They are in the lake.

___________________________________________ ( )5.What are Betty and Mary doing?

2.are to picnic going we have park in a the A. They are reading a picture book. B. They are dancing. C. They are ___________________________________________ playing.

3.falling stairs the are down apples the 按要求写句子。

___________________________________________ 1.It’对画线部分提问)

4.ducks eating picnic the our are _______ _______is it?

_____________________ 2.It’对画线部分提问)

5.snow in it going is Harbin to _______ _______ is it?

___________________________________________ 对画线部分提问)

6. is/ supermarket /at /she/ the/. _______ are you going to _______?


4.Is it raining now?(写出肯定回答)

_______, _______ _______.

____. We’re looking _______the ducks.(完成句子)


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