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(who, where, when)

1._____ is that pretty girl? She is my sister.

2._____ are Jack and Tom? They are behind you.

3._____ do you go to school? I go to school from Monday to Friday.

4._____ has a beautiful flower? John has a beautiful flower.

5._____ are they? They are my parents.

6._____ is my mother? She is in the living room.

7._____ are you going? We are going to the bakery(面包坊).

8._____ do Jim and Wendy play ball? They play ball in the afternoon.

9._____ does he jog? He jogs in the park.

10._____ are you from? I'm from Changchun city.

二、就画线部分提问 1.He is my father. 2.They are under the tree.

3.I often watch TV after dinner.(晚饭后) 提示:饭后强调的是时间问题。

4.Lily swims in the swimming pool.(游泳池) 5.Superman flies in the sky. 6.I often brush my teeth in the evening. 7.Alan likes to play with Bill.

8.Joe's father plays badminton(羽毛球) every weekend. 9.The supermarket is near the school.

10.The laptop(笔记本电脑) is on the table. 11.Jennifer has a pair of earrings(耳环).

12.The flowers are in the flower pot(花盆). 13.My grandpa took us to the zoo.

14.I put the gold fish(金鱼) into the fish tank(鱼缸). 15.The monkey sleeps at night.


一.用what time, what color, what day, what填空。

1. A: ______ _______ is it? B: It is nine o’clock.

2. A: ______ _______ does your mother get up?

B: My mother gets up at 6:30.

3. A: ______ _______ do you go to bed? B: I go to bed at 10:00.

4. A: ______ _______ do Diana and Fiona have supper?

B: Diana and Fiona have supper at 18:00.

5. A: ______ _______is it? B: It is purple.

6. A: ______ _______ is the sky? B: The sky is blue.

7. A: ______ _______ is your coat? B: My coat is black.

8. A: ______ _______ is the dog? B: The dog is white.

9. A: ______ _______ is today? B: Today is Monday.

10. A: ______ _______ is tomorrow? B: Tomorrow is Tuesday.

11. A: ______ _______ was yesterday(昨天)? B: Yesterday was Sunday.

12. A: ______ _______ do you like? B: I like red.

13. A: ______ is this? This is a computer(电脑).

14. A: ______ are you doing? B: We are playing basketball.

15. A: ______ does your mother do? B: My mother is a policewoman.

16. A: ______ are those? B: Those are peppers(辣椒).

17. A: ______ is in the box? B: A lovely doll is in the box.

18. A: ______ is on the table? B: The apple is on the table.

19. A: ______ is in the classroom? The blackboard is in the classroom. 20. A: ______ ______ ______? B: Mary is hungry.

21. A: ______ ______ ______ ______ ______?

B: My favorite color is pink.

22. A: ______ ______ ______ ______? B: Nick is playing table tennis.


1. What’s on the chair? There is a book in the bag.

2. How is your father? These are apples.

3. What are these? I go to school by bus.

4. What is in the bag? The radio is on the chair.

5. How do you go to school? My father is fine.

6. How much is it? I wash my face in the morning.

7. What time is it? I have two hands.

8. When do you wash your face? It is four o’clock.

9. How many hands do you have? It is 5 RMB(人民币).

10.When do you have lunch? I have lunch at noon.



1.They bought a new bike yesterday.


2.She is a nurse .


3.She is my teacher.


4.He bought the red one .


5.It is my coat .


6.I am looking for my sister .


7.I get up at six .


8.I am from Hubei .


9.I went to school late because I got up late.

____________________________________________________ 10. It is windy .

_____________________________________________________ 11. I am getting on well with it.

_____________________________________________________ 12. My bag is red .


13. The book is Li Hua’s.

______________________________________________________ 14. I like math best.

______________________________________________________ 15. They are five yuan .

______________________________________________________ 16. I wash it twice a week .

______________________________________________________ 17. He will be back in four days .


18. I didn’t come to class yesterday because I was ill . ______________________________________________________


( ) 19. Excuse me ______ is the nearest bookshop ?

Go down the street and turn left at the second corner?

A. how B. what C. where D. who

( ) 20. ______ is a ticker for the film Hacker He?

About forty yuan .

A. How old B. How many C. How much D. How often

( ) 21. —______ are you going? — I’m going to the library.

A. Who B. Which C. What D. Where

( ) 22. It’s a nice car. ______ have you been in it?

Just to Shanghai.

A. How much B. How soon C. How long D. How far

( ) 23. ______? It’s eight.

A. What day is it B. What’s five and three

C. How old are you D. What’s your telephone number

( ) 24. —______? —I’ve got a headache and a cough.

A. What’s your trouble B. What’s wrong with it

C. Can I help you D. How are you

( ) 25. ______ tea did you have?

Two cups.

A. How many B. How much C. How soon D. Which

( ) 26. ______ shall we meet in the park?

What about half past eight?

A. What B. When C. Where D., Which

( ) 27. ______ a year does your school have sports meetings?

Twice a year.

A. How often B. How soon C. How long D. How many times

( )28. ______?

The one behind the tree.

A. Whose girl B. Who’s that girl C. Which girl D. Where

( )29. ______ are you going to be in the future?

I want to be a person _____- Yang Liwei.

A. How , like B. How , as C. What , like D. What , as

( )30.______ will your father be back? .

A How long B how often C How soon D How wide


31.He often has lunch in the factory.

he often lunch?

32.They will come back in a month.

will they come back?

33.He hurt his leg last Sunday.

he hurt his leg ?

34.I got up at six this morning .

you up this morning ?

35.They were drawing a horse when I came in.

they when I came in ?

36.I didn't go to school because I had a bad cold.

you go to school?

37.You'd better take the No.3 bus.

’s the girl

bus I better take?

38.He's feeling well.

he feeling ?

39.The girl in a red coat is my sister.

is your sister?

40.He comes to China once a year.

he to China?

41. He goes to see his grandma ( twice a week ). (对括号部分提问)


42. My father goes to work by car. ( 改为特殊疑问句 )


43. It take ( 15 minutes ) for a ferry to cross the river. ( 对括号部分提问 ) __________________________________________________?

44. You can dial ( 110 ) to call the police. ( 对括号部分提问 )

_______ ________ can you dial to call the police

45. Ted put his bag in the desk . ( 改为特殊疑问句 )

_____ ______ Ted _____ in the desk?

46. The students ( went camping ) last week. (对括号部分提问)


47. 3 and 9 is 12. (改为特殊疑问句)


48. Diogenes came from ( Greece ). (对括号部分提问)

_____ _____ Diogenes ______ _______?

49. The way to keep fit is ( to eat food and take morn exercise). (对括号部分提问) _______ _______ the way to _______ _______?

50. We landed (on an unexplored planet ) . ( 对括号部分提问 )

______ ______ you land ?

参考答案1.What did they buy yesterday? 2. What is she? 3. Who is she? 4. Which one did he buy? 5. Whose coat is it? 6. Who do you looking for? 7. When do get up? 8. Where are you from? 9. Why are you late? 10. What is the weather like today? 11. How are you get on with it? 12. What color is your bag? 13. Whose bag is it? 14. What subject do you like best? 15. How much are they? 16. How often do you wash it? 17. How soon will he be back? 18. Why didn’t you come to class yesterday? 19-24 CCDDBA 25-30 ABACCC 31.Where does;have 32.How soon 33.When did;hurt 34.What time did;get 35.What were;doing

36.Why didn't 37.Which;had 38.How is 39.Which girl 40.How often does come. 41. How often does he go to see his grandma? 42. How does your father go to work ? 43. How long does it take for a ferry to cross the river? 44. What number 45 . What did ; put 46. What did students do last week? 47. What is 3 and 9? 48. Where did; came from? 49. Which is ; keep fit 50. Where did

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