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( )1. A. little B. letter C. litter

( )2. A. glass B. grass C. class

( )3. A. should B. cold C. would

( )4. A. sign B. sing C .swing

( )5. A. note B. not C. lot

( )6. A. away B. always C. also

( )7. A. suddenly B. sunny C. something

( )8. A. take off B. keep off C. turn off

( )9.A.ask questions B. some questions C. keep quiet

( )10. A. What dose it mean? B. What does that mean? C. What does this mean?

二、听短文,选择正确的答案。(听三遍) (10分)

( ) 1. Mr Smith is ______ in the park .

A. taking pictures B. running C. taking a walk

( ) 2. Mr Smith finds a sweater ________.

A. on the grass B. in the tree C. under the tree

( ) 3. ______ comes up to Mr Smith and asks him to go away.

A. A policeman B. An old man C. A park keeper

( ) 4. The sweater is _______.

A. Mr Smith?s B. David?s C. the park keeper?s

( ) 5. The park keeper says _____ to Mr Smith.

A. sorry B. hello C. good morning


A:Hi, May. Tomorrow is ______ _______.

B: Is it? What _____ is it today?

A: Today is the second of______. ______ ______ is ______ the third of______. B: Will you ______ a_______ ______?

A: Yes. Welcome to ______ ______ ______.

B: Thank you. What ______ you like ______ a ______ ______?

A: I?d like ______ ______.


一、 找出划线部分发音不同的选项。 (3分)

( ( ( 一、听录音,选出你听到的内容。(听一遍)(10分)

( ( (

二、 英汉互译。(10分)

1.take off his costume______________ 6.捡起她的照相机

2. a VCD of Chinese cartoons_______ 7. 禁止乱丢杂物 __________________

3. blow out the candles_____________ 8.在一月 ____________________

4. ride a bike ____________________ 9.在十一月二日

10. 发出噪音

三、 按要求写单词 。(10分)

1.piano (复数) _________ 2.make(现在分词) _________

3. different (反义词) _______ 4.twelve(序数词) __________

5.twenty(序数词)_________ 6. aren?t(同音词)________

7.fast (同义词) __________ 8. run (现在分词) __________

9. that(复数)___________ 10. right( 反义词) ____________

四、用所给词的适当形式填空。 (10分)

1. There are three _______ ( people ) in my family .

2.Tom _____ (have) a birthday party at home .

3.Look ! Yang Ling ______ (draw) a picture.

4. We are ______ (America).

5. Do they like ______ (swim)

6.Can you ______ (make) a model plane for me ?

Yes, I _____ (make) a model plane now.

7. The library is on the ______ (nine) floor.

8.What does your brother He playing the piano. (like)

五、 选择填空。(10分)

( )1.My uncle?s daughter is my ______.

A. sister B. aunt C. cousin D. brother

( )2.She has________ in her hand.

A. two rolls of film B. two rolls of films

C. two roll of films D. two rolls film

( )3.Saturday is ______ day ____ a week.

A. seven, of B. seventh, on C. the sixth, with D. the seventh, of

( )4.Would you like ______my home? Yes,______

A. to come to , I?d like to. B. coming, I?d like to.

C. to come, I do. D. coming, I do.

( )5.What _____ you like ______ a New Year?s present? ______ a yo-yo.

A. do, as, I?d like B. would, as, I’d like

C. do, for, I’d like to D. would, as, I’d like to

( )6.They are talking about ______birthdays.

A. his B. they C. their D. her

( )7.Helen is talking ______ her parents ______ her birthday party.

A. to, about B. about, in C. with, for D. for, at

( )8.I?d like a cake _______ lots of ________.

A. have, strawberrys B. has, strawberries

C. for, strawberrys D. with, strawberries

( )9.Kate is telling her classmate about Halloween _____the phone.

A. in B. at C. on D. by

( )10.It?s time ______lunch.

A. for B. to C. for have D. have

六、按要求完成句子 (12 分)

1.This is stamp. (对画线部分提问)

2.The boy goes to the cinema (对画线部分提问)

3.These are oranges. (改为单数句)

4.I have three pens in my pencil-case. (改为同义句)

5.The girl is Wang Fang . (对画线部分提问)

6. Jim?s, the man , behind, father, desk, is, the , (连词成句)

七、找出错误的选项,并在横线上订正。 (5分)

( ) 1. Lucy Lily


( ) 2. David


( man blue?


( ) 4. Please the ball brother.


( English.


完型填空。 (10分)

a happy family. She lives in London girl. Today is Kate?s birthday and she?s fifteen years old. Her father isteacher. He works in a school. Students think he is a good teacher. ( ) 1. A. have B. haves C. has D. hases

( ) 2. A. with B. of C. and D. for

( ) 3. A. be B. am C. are D. is

( ) 4. A. / B. a C. an D. the

( ) 5. A. She B. Her C. Hers D. Her?s

( ) 6. A. and B. or C. but D. too

( ) 7. A. on B. in C. into D. at

( ) 8. A. study B. studys C. studies D. studying

( ) 9. A. be B. is C. to D. to be

( ) 10. A. of B. for C. in D. about


一、 听录音,选出你听到的内容。(听一遍)

1. letter 2. grass 3. should 4. sing 5. note 6.away 7. suddenly

8. keep off 9. keep quiet 10. What does that mean?


Mr Smith is taking a walk in the park. Suddenly, he sees something under a tree. Oh, it?s a sweater. He looks around. There is no one nearby. He takes it in his hand and asks in a loud voice: “Whose sweater is this ?” No one answers him. He asked again and again. Then a park keeper comes up to him . he says to Mr Smith: “Can?t you see that sign over there ? It says ?keep quiet?. So please don?t shout and leave here quickly.” But when he sees the sweater , he is red in face and says to Mr Smith : “Oh, I am sorry. This is my sweater. Thank you.” Mr smith gives it to him and goes away.


A:Hi,May.Tomorrow is my birthday.

B: Is it? What date is it today?

A: Today is the second of December. My birthday is on the third of December. B: Will you have a birthday party?

A: Yes. Welcome to my birthday party.

B: Thank you. What would you like as a birthday present ?

A: I?d like a mask.

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