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译林版4B Unit 2 After school单元练习卷

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译林版4B Unit 2 After school单元练习卷


1. 2.1.at five 3.all right 5.真遗憾! 7.放学后 9.一场足球比赛


2.every day 4.play table tennis 6.在星期一 8.起床 10.一节游泳课



( )1.We don’t have lessons on Sundays.


A.have; have A.in A.Where A./ ; on A.goes; plays A.our A.swim

( )9.It’s today. A.monday



( )10.Can you a cake? Yes, I like things. A.make; make

B.make; making

C.making; make

B.any B.have; has B.at B.When B.don’t ; in B.go; plays B.us B.swimming

C.a C.has; have C.on C.What C.don’t ; on C.go; play C.we C.swims

( )2.I an apple and she some bananas. ( )3.I get up seven. ( )4. do you get up?

( )5.I have any lessons Tuesday. ( )6.Let’s and table tennis. ( )7.This is new timetable.

( )8.Helen has a lesson this afternoon.


( )1.What day is it today? ( )2.When do you get up? ( )3.What subjects do you like? ( )4.What lessons do you have? ( )5.What about Su Yang?

A.She has a swimming lesson. B.It’s Friday. C.I like PE and Art. D.At eight.

E.We have English and Science.


A:Get , Sam. B:OK. time is it now?

A:It’s seven o’clock. It’s time breakfast. B:Oh, I’m late. I must to school now. A: do you have your first lessons? B: eight o’clock. But I need the classroom.


1.day , today , what , it , is (?) 2.play , tennis , come , and , table (.) 3.have , lessons , do , what , you (?) 4.day , when , do , every , you , up , get(?) 5.go , the , let’s , playground , to(.)


1.Liu Tao has an Art lesson on Wednesday.(改为一般疑问句) Liu Tao an Art lesson on Wednesday? 2.I have some lessons on Saturday.(改为否定句) I have lessons on Saturday. 3.Come and play table tennis.(改为否定句) come and table tennis. 4.We often go to school (对划线部分提问) do often go to school?


Li Wei has a good friend. His name is Peter. They are in the same class. They go to school five days a week. At school they play table tennis after class. They stay at home at the weekends. Peter likes Chinese food. He likes rice and cakes very much. Li Wei and Peter like making things. Look, they are making a

plane now. They like flying planes on Sunday morning. Peter speaks English and a little Chinese. Li Wei speaks Chinese and a little English. They often teach each other.

( )1.Li Wei and Peter are in different classes. ( )2.They go to school from Monday to Friday. ( )3.They often fly plane after class. ( )4.Li Wei teachers Peter English and Peter teaches Li Wei Chinese. ( )5.Peter likes eating rice and cakes.

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