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译林版小学英语4B期中试卷 听力部分(30分)


( )1. A school B subject C Science

( )2. A Maths B mucic C match

( )3. A what B when C where

( )4. A about B again C afternoon

( )5. A forty B fifty C thirty

( )6. A welcome B Wednesday C watch

( )7. A flower B river C great

( )8. A lakes B cakes C plays

( )9. A have dinner B have lunch C have a match

( )10.A have a try B try again C try to fly


( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( ) ( ) ( )


( )1. A PE is fun. B I like Maths . C I have Maths.

( )2. A Yes,I have. B I like Music. C Two.

( )3. A Go to school. B Watch TV. C Have lunch.

( )4. A At seven. B Seven o’clock. C On Monday.

( )5. A Yes, I am. B Sure. C No, I don’t.


1.--What do you have? --I have and Art.

2.-- do you get up ? -- At seven .

3.--What Monday? --All right.

4.--Can you draw a for me? --It’s .But I can try.



1.在星期二 2.some flowers and trees

3.会画画 4.do her homework 5.干得很棒。6. a swimming match

7.去操场 8. go home every day

9.再试试。10.see a football in the park


but at on of to in for under after

1.What Saturday?

2.I have a Maths lesson Wednesday morning.

3.I go to the playground three o’clock.

4.What do you do school.

5.When do you get .

6.We go school at seven fifty every Monday.

7.This flower is you.

8.What can you see the river.

9.It’s difficult. I can try.

10.This is a picture the park.


( )1.What about ?

A.your B.yours C.you

( )2.--What subjects you ? --We have Maths and English.

A.do like B.would like C.do have

( )3.-- subjects do you like? --We have six subjects.

A. What B.How C.How many

( )4.We don’t have lessons today.

A.some B.any C.a

( )5.Yang Ling some lessons this Saturday.

A. has B.have C.having

( )6.Let’s table tennis.

A.go and play B.play and C.going and playing

( )7.--It’s time PE. --Let’s to the playground.

A.to go B.for going C.for go

( )8.--Who are we? --Jack, Tom and .

A.me B.I C.my

( )9.-- time is it? --It’s seven.

A.when B.What C.what time

( do you have dinner? --At seven.

A.Where B.When C.What

( )11.Can you see a boat the river?

A.in B.at C.on

( )12.-- this a lake? --Yes, it’s.

A. Are B.Is C.Can


( )1.Nice to see you. A.All right.

( )2.Can you draw them? B.At twelve.

( )3.What day is it today? C.They are Tom,Jack and Nancy.

( )4.What do you usually do after school? D.It’s difficult. But I can try.

( )5.When do you have lunch? E.We can see a tree and some flowers.

( )6.Who are they? F.Nice to see you,too.

( )7.What about Sunday? G.I usually fly a kite.

( )8.What can you see over there? H.It is Sunday.




( A B C D

( A B C D

( A B C D




1.--What those over there?

--They’re . ①

--Let’s go there and a look.

2.--What is it today? --It’s .

--What is it? ②

--It’s o’clock.It’s time for a swimming lesson.

3.It’s five .I t’s time to . ③

4.--What subjects do you like? ④

--I like and .

七、阅读理解。(10分)w W w .x K b 1.c o M

My Room

This is my room. Near the window there is a desk. I often do my homework at it. You can see some books, a ruler, a pen and some flowers in the vase(花瓶). On the wall near the desk there is a picture of a cat. There is a clock on my bed . I can put my football under my bed. There is a chair near the desk . I sit there and I can see the trees and the flowers outside(外面) .

( )1. What can you see on my desk?

A. Some books B. Some flowers. C. A ruler and a pen. D. A, B and C

( )2. Where is the picture? It’s _________ .

A. on the desk B. on the wall C. above the end of the bed D. under the bed

( )3. What’s under the bed?

A. A ruler. B. A football. C. A cat. D. A clock.

( )4. Can you see any trees outside(外面)?

A. Yes , I am. B. Yes, I can. C. No, I am not. D. No, I can’t.

( )5. The clock is ____ the bed .

A near B. in C. on D. behind


一、1、subject 2、match 3、when 4、afternoon 5、fifty

6、welcome 7、river 8、lakes 9、have lunch 10 have a try


二、1、What lessons do you have in the morning? I have Maths and English.

2、What do you usually do in the evening? I usually read some story books.

3、We don’t have any lessons on Saturday and Sunday.

4、Can you draw the tree on the hill?

5、Can you see a dog in the river? No,I can’t.But I can see a boat on the river.

6、Can you play the piano?Yes, I can.I like Music.

7、What day is it today?Let me see.Oh,it’s Thursday.

8、When do you watch TV every day? At seven.

答案:2 6 4 7 8 3 1 5

三、1、What subjects do you like?

2、How many lessons do you have today?

3、What do you usually do in the evening?

4、When do you watch TV every day?

5、Can you draw a picture for my sister?

答案:B C B A B

四、1.--What do you have? --I have and Art.

2.-- do you get up ? -- At seven .

3.--What Monday? --All right.

4.--Can you draw a for me? --It’s .But I can try.

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