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广东版 四年级下英语 Unit10

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Unit 10 I am very fast


① What’s your favourite sport?

② I am tall and I have long arms, so I like playing vollyball.

③ My favourite sport is running. I am very fast.

④ And what do you like doing, Jiamin?

⑤ I like the water.

⑥ So do you like swimming best?

⑦ No, I like taking a bath.


手臂 排球

快的;飞快地 水

洗澡 洗澡

聪明的 羽毛球


最喜欢的运动 长手臂

喜欢打排球 长腿


1、I’m Mike. I big eyes.

A.am B.have C.has

2、What’ your favourite ? Swimming

A. colour B.clothes C.sport

3、Yongxian likes basketball.

A.piaying B. play C.doing

4、What do you usually when you have free time ?

A.doing B.do C.does

5、I don’t like . It isn’t interesting.

A.skate B.skates C.skating

6、What the children under the tree now ?

They are singing.

A.are...doing B. are...do C.do...do

7、My favourite sport is .

A.run B.play basketball C.kung fu

8、Are the girls in that big room ?

A.dance B.dancing C.dances


1、What do you usually do when you have free time ?

2、Do you like skating ?

3、What are you doing now ?

4、What’s your favourite sport ?

5、What do you like doing ?


Hello,my name is Chen Shuhong.I am a pretty girl. My favourite sport is volleyball. I usually play volleyball after school on school days. My grandpa’s favourite sport is doing kung fu in the park.He goes to park every morning. My father likes playing basketball. He plays it in the evening. My mother’s favourite sports is playing tennis. She plays it on Saturday and Sunday.

1、Chen Shuhong is a girl.

A.tall B. pretty C.short

2、 is Chen Shuhong’s favourite sport.

A.volleyball B.basketball C.Badminton

3、Chen Shuhong’s grandpa is in the morning.

A.doing kung fu B. playing basketball C. playing tennis

4、On Saturday and Sunday,Chen Shuhong’s mother usually

A.play tennis B.goes shopping C.play table tennis


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