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1 单数变为复数

this(these) that(those) am/is(are) photo(photos) ship(ships) garden(gardens) foot(feet) tooth(teeth) family(families) hobby(hobbies) firefly(fireflies) butterfly(butterflies) dragonfly(dragonflies) country(countries) watch(watches) class(classes) box(boxes) Chinese(Chinese) people(people) child(children) knife(knives)


many(a lot of)(lots of) usually(often)(always) quick(fast) of course(sure)


wrong(right) cold(hot) different(same) come(go) here(there) up(down) stand(sit) fine(bad) good(bad) left(right) yes(no) ill(well) plus(minus) on(under)


Uu(you) Bb(bee) Ii(eye) Cc(see)(sea) Tt(tea) two(to)(too) their(there) four(for) by(buy) know(no) write(right)


grow(growing) visit(visiting) keep(keeping) turn(turning) play(playing) stay(staying) water(watering) touch(touching) travel(traveling) fight(fighting) collect(collecting) like(liking) take(taking) make(making) dance(dancing) have(having) write(writing) run(running) swim(swimming) jog(jogging) stop(stopping) shop(shopping) sit(sitting) put(putting) begin(beginning)


look(looks) like(likes) run(runs) dance(dances) stay(stays) play(plays) begin(begins) have(has) watch(watches) catch(catches) touch(touches) go(goes) do(does) study(studies)


let’s(let us) he’s(he’s) they’re(they are) don’t(do not) doesn’t(does not) I’ve(I have) can’t(can not)


Ben(Ben’s)Mike(Mike’s) Su Yang(Su Yang’s) Helen(Helen’s)


his(he) her(she) me(I) them(they) your(you) us(we)


she(her) he(him) I(me) you(you) they(them) we(us) it(it)


1.对画线部分提问 It’

I’ve got . (What’s wrong with you?)


I’m taking some medicine. (Are you taking any medicine?)

She feels very tired. (Does she feel tired?)

I want to fly a kite. (Do you want to fly a kite?)

The boy is standing. (Is the boy standing?)

He lives in a small town. (Does he live in a small town?)

They can play the piano. (Can they play the piano?)


My mother is taking some medicine. (My mother isn’t taking any medicine.) She can make clothes. (She can’t make clothes.)

He works from Monday to Friday. (He doesn’t work from Monday to Friday.)

They’re buying food in the shop. (they aren’t buying food in the shop.)

They play table tennis every day. (They don’t play table tennis every day.)

That is Jan’s umbrella. (改为同义句) That umbrella is Jan’s.

It’s time to have breakfast. (改为同义句) It’s time for breakfast./It’s time for having breakfast.

Who is absent today? (改为同义句) Who is not here today?

I’m going to the library now. (改为祈使句) Don’t go to the library now.

The man puts the plate on his finger. (改为现在进行时) The man is putting the plate on his finger.

They are our good friends. (改为单数形式) He is my good friend.

They usually do housework on Sundays. (改为单数形式) He usually does housework on Sunday.


think, is, today, Saturday, I (.) (I think today is Saturday.)

you, can, me, tell (?) (Can you tell me?)

I, to, go, China, hope, I, can (.) (I hope I can go to China.)

this, subject, you, do, what, like, term (?) (What subject do you like this term?)

lesson, it, the, new, the, of, term, is first (.) (It is the first lesson of the new term.)

is, stamps, he, showing, to, friends, his, his (.) (He is showing his stamps to his friends.) she, does, making, like, ships, model (?) (Does she like making model ships?) with, what’s, you, wrong (?) (What’s wrong with you?)

have, lessons, I, in, four, the, morning (.) (I have four lessons in the morning.)

goes, from, he, Friday, to, Monday, school, to (.) (He goes to school from Monday to Friday.)

subjects, study, what, he, at, does, school (?) (What subjects do you study at school?) hobby, stamps, is, Ben’s, collecting (.) (Ben’s hobby is collecting stamps.)

you, in, what, do, lessons, the have, morning (?) (What lessons do you have in the morning?)

you, why, absent, are, today (?) (Why are you absent today?)

left, right, Ton, three, turn, times, and (.) (Turn left and right three times, Tom.)

you, touch, your, your, head, can, with, hands(?) (Can you touch your head with your hands?)

lie, do, on, not, your, back(.)(Do not lie on your back.)

putting, the, is man, on, the, apple, finger, his (.) (The man is putting the apple on his finger.)

are, the, lesson, students, where, having, a PE (?) (Where are the students having a PE lesson?)

fingers, many, does, how, the, have, monkey (?) (How many fingers does the monkey have?)

has, a, David, day, busy (.) (David has a busy day.)

a, game, basketball, this, there, evening, is (.) (There is a basketball game this evening.) what, it, is, time, now, Ben(?) (What time is it now,Ben?)

you, thirsty, feel, do (?) (Do you feel thirsty?)

begins, English, at, to, fifteen, our, lesson, ten (.) (Our English lesson begins at fifteen to ten.)

like, Mike, does, to, English, speak (?) (Does Mike like to speak English?)

same, Tom, are, Jason, From, country, the and (.) (Tom and Jason are from the same country.)

are, the, Miss, talking, Wang, students, to (.) (The students are talking to Miss Wang.) want, do, New York, you, go, to, around (?) (Do you want to go around New York?)

teaches, he, in, school, English, a, primary (.) (He teaches English in a primary school.) it, today, what, is day(?) (What day is it today?)

is, think, interesting, I, English (.) (I think English is very interesting.) us, meet, come, and, here(.) (Come here and meet us.)

an, e-mail, he, writing, is, his, teacher, to (.) (He is writing an e-mail to his teacher.)


1 在周一上午(on Monday morning) 3上一节美术课(have an Art lesson) 5上更多的课(have more lesson) 7马上(at once) 9感到很热(feel hot) 11.休息(have a rest) 13吃一些药(take some medicine) 15在周三(on Wednesday) 17七门科目(seven subjects) 19对…说话(speak to…) 21患了咳嗽(get a cough) 23在学校(at school) 25错误号码(wrong number ) 27集邮(collect stamps) 29一艘轮船(a ship ) 2读英语(read English)

4一节有趣的课(an interesting lesson) 6每天(every day) 8午饭后(after lunch) 10重感冒(a bad cold) 12看医生(see a doctor) 14感到好些了(feel better) 16星期四下午(Thursday afternoon) 18在一周内(in a week) 20打电话给我(call me) 22怎么了(what’s wrong) 24呆在床上(stay in bed ) 26拍照(take photos )

28一位老同学(an old classmate) 30购物(go shopping)


31种树(grow the trees) 32听音乐(listen to music)

33出示…给…(show to… ) 34看一看(have a look)

35养金鱼(keep goldfish) 36一封邮件(an e-mail)

37同龄(the same age) 38在一个小镇上(in a small town) 39一封给我姐姐的信(a letter to my sister) 40居住(live in)

41小房子(a small house) 42从…到…(from…to…)

43安静地坐(sit quietly) 44在我家附近(near my home)

45做衣服(make clothes) 46上学(go to school)

47放学后(after school) 48做运动(do sports)

49一张动物邮票(an animal stamp) 50拍照(take photos)

51养狗(keep dogs) 52相同的爱好(the same hobby)

53写歌曲(write music) 54上网(surf the Internet

55足球踢得好(play football well) 56快速地停(stop quickly )

57在每周六(on every Saturday) 58读报(read newspaper)

59浇花(water flowers) 60打乒乓球(play table tennis)

61弹钢琴(play the piano) 62照看(look after)

63仔细听(listen carefully) 64抬起你的右腿(lift up your right leg)

65向左转十次(turn left ten times) 66上下跳两次(jump up and down two times) 67把他们移到教室(move them to the classroom) 68站成四排(stand in four lines)

69发出命令(give orders) 70把你的手放在一起(put your hands together) 71弯曲你的膝盖(bend your knees) 72做一些早锻炼(do some morning exercise) 73在他的背上(on his back) 74在体育课上(at a PE lesson)

75在体育馆里(in the sports hall) 76碰你的手臂(touch your arm)

77抬起(lift up) 78仰躺(lie on one’s back)

79做家庭作业(do one’s homework) 80做家务(do housework)

81刷牙(brush teeth) 82洗脸(wash face)

83在八点半(at half past eight) 84值日(on duty )

85十点三刻(a quarter to eleven) 86让我们快点(let’s hurry)

87忙碌的一天(a busy day) 88十点十分(ten past ten)

89没有时间休息(have no time for rest) 90从早到晚(from morning to night)

91吃一些面包(have somebread) 92谈论他们的家庭(talk about their family) 93当然(of course) 94从书中学到很多(learn a lot from the book) 95搬运一只红色的盒子(carry a red box) 96捉蚂蚁(catch ants)

97去跑步(go running) 98度周末(spend weekends)

99团队合作(group work ) 100在夜间发光(glow at night)

101英语俱乐部(the English club) 102不同的国家(different countries) 103喜欢旅游(live traveling ) 104一个美国男孩(an American boy) 105说法语(speak French) 106长城(the Great Wall)

107苏州园林(the gardens in Su Zhou) 108与…交谈(talk to…)

109三个中国男孩(three Chinese boys) 110在日本(in Japan)

111儿童俱乐部(the Children’s club) 112一位忙碌的参观者(a busy visitor) 113访问澳大利亚(visit Australia) 114一只勇敢的蚂蚁(a brave ant) 115一张法国地图(a map of France) 116去爬山(go climbing )

117捉昆虫(catch insects) 118游览中国(go around China)

119试着…(try to… ) 120在周末(at the weekends)


1、小男孩正站在他父亲的肩膀上。 The boy is standing on his father’s shoulders.

2、你能把这些书放在课桌上吗? Can you put these books on the desk?

3、学生们正在体育馆里做锻炼。 The students are doing sports in the sports hall.

4、把你的双手放在你的双眼上。 Put your hands on your eyes.

5、他想要件红衬衫。 He wants a red shirt.

6、Tom通常每天晚上做什么? What does Tom usually do every evening?

7、我有时和王兵一起听音乐。 Sometimes I listen to music with Wang Bin.


How does Gao Shan spend his weekends? He usually watches cartoons at home.

9、学生们正在教室里谈论周末。 The students are talking abut their weekends in the class.

10、他正在画画,而他妹妹正在拉小提琴。 He is drawing, but his sister is playing the violin.

11、你说英语吗?是的,我也说法语。 Do you speak English? No, I speak French.

12、你从哪个国家来?我来自日本。 Where are you from? I’m from Japan.

13、我妈妈不工作,她是一位家庭主妇。 My mother doesn’t work, she’s a housewife.

14、Brown先生在一所小学教英语,他很喜欢教书。 Mr. Brown teaches English in a primary school, he likes teaching.

15、他喜欢拍照和集邮。He likes taking photos and collecting stamps.

16、今天上午我们上了一堂有趣的英语课。 We have an interesting English lesson this morning.

17、高山想和王兵一起打篮球,但王兵现在很忙。 Gao Shan wants to play basketball with Wang Bin, but Wang Bin is busy.

18、星期天我经常和妈妈一起去购物。 I usually go shopping with my mother on Sundays.

19、他来自哪里?他来自一个美丽的城市——上海。Where is he from? He is from a beautiful city—Shang shai.

20、现在几点了?六点半了,该起床了。 What time is it? It’s half past six, it’s time to get up.

21、你在干什么?我在拍照。 What are you doing? I’m taking photos.

22、你现在感觉怎样? How do you feel now?

23、没时间吃早饭。 There’s no time for breakfast.

24、我们八点半上课。 We have lessons at half past eight.

25、我想去看足球比赛。 I want to watch a football game.

26、我晚上八点看电视。 I watch TV at eight in the evening..

27、你是怎样过周末的?有时我去购物,有时我听音乐。 How do you spend your weekends? Sometimes I go shopping, sometimes I listen to music.

28、男孩子们喜欢运动。 The boys like sports.

29、有些动物是我们的好朋友。Some animals are our good friends.

30、他们在学校里学习哪些科目? What subjects do they study at school.

31、陈老师经常在周日干什么?她经常做家务。 What does Miss. Chen usually do Sundays? She usually does housework.

32、他篮球打得好吗?不,但他跑的很快。 Does he play basketball well? No, but he runs fast.

33、这些花的邮票很漂亮。These flower stamps are very nice.

34、你怎么了?我头痛 What’s wrong with you? I’ve got a headache.

35、这学期,我们学习七门科目。We study seven subjects this term.

36、我喜欢中文,我觉得它很有趣。 I like Chinese, I think it’s interesting.

37、这是新学期的第一节课。This is the first lesson of the new term.

38、从早上八点到晚上九点,李老师都没有时间休息。 Miss. Li have no time for rest from eight in the morning to nine at night.

39、我想去游泳。I want to go swimming.

40、我想在家做回家作业。I want to do my homework at home.

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