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一、 听句子,选出你所听到的内容。(10%) ( ) 1. A. rainy ( ) 2. A. 6:25 ( ) 3. A. rowing ( ) 4. A. take ( ) 5. A. white ( ) 6. A. September ( ) 7. A. have a chat ( ) 8. A. near the desk ( ) 9. A. make noise ( ) 10. A. Spring Festival

B. snowy B. 6:45 B. fishing B. lake B. write B. October B. have a look B. in front of the

desk B. touch it B. Easter.

C. sunny C.6:15 C. shopping C. late C. bright

C. November C. have supper

C. under the desk

C. keep off the grass

C. Dragon Boat Festival

号_________ 姓名______________


( )1.A.I like running best. B. I like autumn best C.I like red best. ( )2.A.It’s Sunday. B.It’s the first of May. C.It’s cloudy. ( ) 3.A.I’m going to play football. B.I’m going to the playground.

C.He’s going to see a play.

( )4.A.He lives in America. B.She lives in America. C.I live in America ( )5.A.Because it’s warm. B. Because it’s cool. C. Because it’s cold. 三、听录音,完成下列句子。(10%)

It was _____. Liu Tao _______ having a _______ in the _______. Suddenly, he met his _______, Jack. Jack was ________ than Liu Tao. But he was______. They were very happy to ______ each other. They sat _______ and _____ a chat.

一、单词辨音( 5% )

( )1. A. about B. house C. out D. touch ( )2. A. food B. cool C. foot D.tooth ( ) 3. A. July B. why C. diary D. my ( )4. A show B. how C. down D. brown ( ) 5.A.Saturday B. nurse C.purse D.turn 二、英汉互译 ( 10%)

1.最好的季节 _________________ 6.do more exerxise_________________ 2.和他一样重 ____________________7.a photo of his family ______________ 3.去散步_________________ 8.your e-mail address______________ 4.要求得到___________________ 9.finish primary school ________________ 5.下周__________________ 10.take part in a concert _____________ 三、选择题 ( 20%)

( )1. This is our classroom. _______ is next to ________. A. Your; our B. Your; ours C. Yours; ours

( ) 2. _____ is the first day of the week and _____ is the first month of the year. A. Monday; January B. Sunday; February C. Sunday; January

( ) 3. There’s ____orange tree in my garden. Under ____ the tree, there is ____ old man. A. an; a; an B. an; the; an C. a; an; an

( ) 4. ---What are you doing,Helen?

--- I ______ e-mail to my friend.

A. write an B. am writing a C. am writing an

( ) 5. Mr Ding _______ than the young man.

A. swim faster B. swims faster C. swims fast

( ) 6. The twins are talking_______ the plan _______ their birthday.

A. to; for B. about; as C. about; for

( ) 7.Shall we meet _____ No.9 bus stop ______ eight o’clock?

A. in; at B. at; at C. at; in

( ) 8.I can play _____ violin, but my brother can play _____ basketball.

A. the; the B. the; / C. /; the

( ) 9. My earpnones ______ on the desk yesterday. But now they ______ there.

A. was; wasn’t B. are; isn’t C. were; aren’t

( ) 10. --- Would you like to join us?

--- ________.

A. Yes, please. B. No, I’m free. C. Yes, I’d love to.

( ) 11. I'd like Helen soon.

A.to write B.to write to C.to writing to D.to writing

( )12. My mother is __________ cooking.

A. good in B. well in C. good at D. well at

( )13. I wanted to buy an interesting book ________ animals.

A. about B. with C. of D. in

( )14. Helen put on her coat and ran __________ the classroom.

A. out B. out of C. out to D. out off

( )15. How can I _______ the cinema?

A. get B. get on C. get to D. get out

( )16. I told him _________ No. 6 near the hospital.

A. took bus B. taking bus C. take bus D. to take bus

( )17. My father went _________ a walk last night.

A. to B. for C. at D. of

( )18. My cousin is as __________ as me.

A. younger B. youngest C. to young D. young

( )19. The post office is on your right. You can’t _______it.

A. see B. miss C. look D. watch

( )20. _________ is it from here? It’s about two kilometers away.

A. How far B. How many C. How much D. How often

四、用下列词的正确形式填空 10%

1. Look, the boys ___________ (swim) in the river.

2. There ______ (be) some water on the table.

3. He _________ (live ) on the ________ (two) floor.

4. What ___________ you _____________ (do) yesterday?

5. My sister ______________(be) a nurse next month.

6.Mr Green often __________(have) a chat with his children after supper.

7. Look, my bag is as ________ (new) as yours.

8. This is my skirt. ________ (you) is there.


1. 历史博物馆离这儿有多远?大约两公里。

here? It’s about kilometers away.

2. 我叔叔下周打算去日本。


3. 你昨天看京剧了吗?是的,它很有趣。

a Beijing opera show yesterday? Yes, it’s very interesting.

4. 在上星期天的音乐会上,杨玲拉了小提琴。

Yang Ling the concert last Sunday.

5. 我正在写一封电子邮件给我的表哥。

六、 按要求改写句子,每空限填一词(10%) 1. Tom practices swimming twice a year.(对划线部分提问) does Tom practice swimming?

2. I have got some information about the early computers.(改为否定句) I got information about the early computers. 3. We can save water by fixing a dripping tap.(对划线部分提问) can save water?

4.Jack wants to be an astronaut. (改为一般疑问句) Jack to be an astronaut?

5. We must eat lots of vegetables every day. (句意不变) We must eat vegetables every day.

七、交际语匹配 ( 10%)

( )1. Is this your pen? A. He’s a worker.

( )2. Is there a pen on the desk? B. Some grapes, please.

( )3. What’s your father’s job? C. Some bread and two eggs.

( )4. Is your father a worker? D. All right.

( )5. How many boys are there in your class? E. Yes, it is.

( )6. Can I help you? F. No, he isn’t.

( )7. How old are you? G. No, there isn’t.

( )8. What’s for breakfast, Mum? H. Yes, I can.

( )9. Can you use a fork? I. I’m twelve.

( )10.Shall we go now? J. Eighteen.


1. 根据短文选择正确答案。

There are four seasons in China. March, April and May make the spring. June, July and August make the summer

season. September, October and November make the autumn season. The rest(剩下)of months make the winter season. The Australia seasons are the opposite(相反的)of ours. When it’s spring in China, it is autumn in Australia .

Australia is in the south(南方)of the earth. June, July and August are the winter months. The summer is in December, January and February. It’s very hot there, too.

Near the North Pole(北极)there are two seasons. The winter nights are long. For more than two months you can’t see the sun, even at noon. The summer days are long. For more that two months, the sun never sets(落下), and there’s no night.

( ) 1. .

A. October, November and December

B. November, December and January

C. December, January and February

D. January, February and March

( ) 2. When it’s .

A. winter B. autumn C. spring D. summer


A. spring and summer B. summer and winter

C. summer and autumn D. spring and winter

( ) 4. Near the North Pole, there’s no night in summer for more than


A. one B. two C. three D. four

( ) 5.

A. The days are longer than the nights

B. The days are as long as the nights

C. The days are shorter than the nights

D. The nights are shorter than the days


One day Mr. and Mrs. White went shopping by car. They stopped their car near a shop. They bought(买)a lot of things and they wanted to put the things into the car. But Mr. White couldn’t open the door of the car, so they asked a policeman to help them. The policeman was very friendly. He started to open the car for them. Just then a man came up and shouted(喊), “What are you doing with my car?” Mr. and Mrs. White had a look at the car’s number and they were frozen(惊呆了)there. It wasn’t their car.

( ) 1. Mr. and Mrs. White drove for shopping.

( ) 2. They stopped their car at the gate of a snack bar.

( ) 3. They wanted to give their things to a policeman.

( ) 4. The policeman would like to help Mr. White.

( ) 5. From the passage(短文), we know Mr. and Mrs. White made a mistake(搞错了).

九、根据实际情况回答问题 (5%)

1. What is your mother’s job?

2. What are you going to do this evening?

3.How many students are there in your class?

4.Who is taller, you or your father?

5.Are you good at English?



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