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Time is money

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Time is money

A:Hi,XXX ,where are you going ?

B: I`m going to the library. I`ve wasted much time and have to pay more effort now. I regret to waste my precious time. I wish life had an undo key.

A:But it`s just a imagination .What we should do is Value the precious time, especially the moment are living now

B:Yeah,what do you think about time ?

A: As we know, time is so important, but since time is an invisible thing, men often waste their time unconsciously. It’s What a pity.

B: Yes. Without anything to do, they may gossip or play from morning till night. So the old said" Time is money" to remind us not to waste of time. A: All right." Time is money" means that time is a very valuable thing. But I think time is more valuable than money. The money we have lost can be gained again, but the time we have wasted cannot be regained.

B:I agree with you. We can also said, persons can exist without money, but nothing can be done without time, just as no one can live without air.

A: Yeah. Man can live only at most to about 100 years. It seems fairly long, but in fact it is rather short. I am nineteen years old, It means that I have cost at least one fifth of my life

B: So am I, How quickly time flies! Time never stops for anyone or

anything. Time is so limited that how can we waste of it.

A: I can’t agree more. So we should save every second we own and make full use of our time to study hard. The harder we work now, the more we will get in future!

B: Ok, Let’s save time together! But now I should go to the library .I think we must do it at once!

A:Yeah, bye

B:See you

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