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六年级英语下册1、2模块练习题 听力部分


( ) A cola B cold C cool

( ) A why B enjoy C noisy

( ) A back B talk C duck

( ) A what B want C water

( ) A November B vegetable C hamburger

( ) A cent B send C see

( ) A twenty B seventy C twelve


( ) A It' s gong to snow in Harbin.

B It' s gong to rain in Beijing.

C It 's going to be cold in Haikou.

( ) A Is it really a bay ? B Is it really a pig ? Is it really a pig ? C Is it really an elephant ?

( ) A What do you want to drink ?

B What do you want to eat ?

C What do you want to play ?

( ) A It looks good! B It sounds nice! C It smells nice!

( ) A It's thirteen dollars and twenty-five cents.

B It's thirty dollars and twelve cents.

C It's thrteen dollars and seventy cents.

( ) A I want a hot dog ,please. B I want a hamburber,please.

C I want a cola ,please.

( ) A It's thirteen dollars and twenty-five cents.


B Thant's two hamburgers,a hot dog and three colas.

C It's half past seven

( ) A Yes,it is. B No,it isn't. C No,it,is.

( ) A It's half past seven. B we are going to walk arouncl thelake. C It's going to rain soon?

( ) A At hlalf past twelve. B At eight o'clok.



1、 were(原形) 2、go(现在分词)

3、 swim(现在分词) 4、 do(第三人称单数

5、 egg(复数 6、 play(过去式) 7、 rain(现在分词) 8、 tall(反义词)

9、 watch (第三人称单数 10、 eat(过去式



( )1、you like? A does B would C are

( ) 2、

A are B do C were

( )3、

A go to B get up C get to

( )4、

A It's two yuan B Yes,it is C Two books

( )5. are you going to eat? ---At ten o'clock

A What B When C Why


( )6. Look! It'now!

A rain B snow C raining

( )7. Books are very interesting.

A This B These C That

( hamburger.

A eating B eat C eats

( tomorrow.

A windy B winds C be windy

( a snowman now.

A am making B winds C be windy


1、 hungry, are, very, we


2、are, you when, going, eat, to

3、going, to, tomorrow, rain, is, it

4、watch, TV Mike, going, is, to

5、around, walk, the, lake, are, we, going, to

6、Beijing, in,snow,going, to, is, it

7、half,at,twelve,going, we,re,past, eat to


Dear Grandma,

Thank you for the new shorts. They are cool!

It's hot in Beijing. It's sunny too. I can wear my shorts and T-shirt. I have a new jacket. My old jacket is too small. I Want to buy a hat. It is fifty yuan. It's too expensive. What's the weather like at the farm? Is it warm?

How many new ducks are there?



John 根据短文内容判断正(T)误(F)。

1、It is cool in Beijing.

2、John has a new jacket.

3、Grandma is at tha farm.

4、Tha jacket is thirty yuan.

5、It's sunny in Beijing.


1. go to the park 2.do my homework 3.play football

4.read books 5.learn English 6. In the morning/afternoon/evening.


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