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英语剧本 Miss Cat's birthday

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Miss Cat's Birthday

人物:C-- Miss cat D-- Mr dog K-- Little duck P-- Little pig I-- bird B-- Bee

第一幕:At the birthday party 在生日聚会上

旁白:Today is Miss cat's birthday. She is having a party with her friends. 今天是猫小姐的生日。她和朋友正在进行生日聚会 (dog, duck, pig, bird 一同敲门)

D, K, P, I: May I come in? 我可以进来吗?

C: Come in, please. 请进。

D: This pen is for you. Happy birthday! 这支钢笔送给你。生日快乐 K: This book is for you. Happy birthday! 这本书送给你。生日快乐 P: This card is for you. Happy birthday! 这张卡片送给你。生日快乐 I: This bag is for you. Happy birthday! 这个包送给你。生日快乐 C: Thank you! I like all the gifts. 谢谢你们!所有礼物我都喜欢。 D, K, P, I: You are welcome. How old are you? 不客气。你几岁了呀? C: I am seven. 我今年7岁。


( Sing the song " Happy Birthday to You" together)


第二幕:In the park 在公园里

旁白:After the party, they go to the park together.


C: Let's go to the park. 让我们去公园吧。

D, K, P, I: OK! 好的。


I: Is that a taxi? 那是一辆出租车吗?

K: No, it isn't. It is a car. 不,那不是。那是一辆小轿车。

D: What colour ? 它是什么颜色?

C: It's yellow. It's very nice. 它是淡黄色的。它很漂亮。 P: What's that? 那是什么?

I: It's a bee. 那是一只蜜蜂。

B: Good afternoon, friends. 朋友们下午好!

D, K, P, C, I: Good afternoon. How are you? 下午好。你最近怎么样? B: I am fine. Thank you. 我很好,谢谢!

C:It is late now. Let's go home. 时间不早了。我们回家吧! D, K, P, C, I: All right. 好的。

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