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中国科学院附属实验学校2013-2014学年度六年级第二学期英语阅读专项测试 年级 姓名: 成绩:



There are forty-two students in our class . There are also two American boys . They are Jack and Mike . They are our good friends . They like watching TV ,but they don’t like playing basket-ball .They often go to school by bike . And I often go to school on foot . There is one English girl in our class . Her name is Lucy . She likes playing basketball and she also likes swimming . She usually does her homework in the evening . She often watches TV on Saturday afternoons . She is my good friend . All of the Chinese students are Yong Pioneers .


( ) 1. There are thirty-nine Chinese students in our class .

( ) 2. There are two American girls and one English boy in our class .

( ) 3. Jack and Mike are our good friends .

( ) 4. Jack and Mike like playing basketball .

( ) 5. Lucy often does her homework on Saturday afternoons .


My name is Jack . I am a pupil of Grade One . I’m in No.1 Middle School . On weekdays I get up at six o’clock .I have breakfast at seven and then I go to school by bike .We begin our class at eight o’clock in the morning . We have four classes in the morning and three in the afternoon . At noon , I have lunch at home . Classes are over at four fifteen in the afternoon . After class , we often play football in the afternoon . I go home at about five .

I have supper at about six thirty in the evening . I do my homework at seven thirty . At weekend , I watch TV . I often go to bed at ten . I’m very happy .


( )1. Jack is a pupil in ______ .

A. Class One B. Grade One C. Class Two D. Grade Two

( )2. Jack gets up at _________ in the morning .

A. five B. six C. seven D. eight

( )3. After class they often play ______ on the playground .

A. volleyball B. basketball C. football D. ping-pong

( )4. Jack often watches TV on __________ .

A. Monday B. Thursday C. Sunday D. Tuesday ( )5. Which is true (真实的)? _________ .

A. Jack is a good boy . B. Jack has his lunch at school .

C. Jack watches TV every day . D. Jack is is not happy

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