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1. How are you ? A. Four books.

2. How many books ? B. Fine,thank you.

3. Good morning. C. Hello,I'm Kitty.

4. Good afternoon. D. How do you do?

5. Hi, I'm Eddie. E. Good afternoon.

6. How do you do ? F. Good morning. 将左栏中问句与右栏答句用直线连起来。

1. Give me a ruler,please. A. I can read.

2.Can I help you ? B. I can see a book.

3. What is this? C. Six.

4. How many ducks? D. It is a chick.

5. What can you see ? E. Yes,please.

6. What can you do ? F.Here you are. 将左栏中问句与右栏答句用直线连起来。

1. Hi ,Ben.Who is she? A. Fine, thank you.

2. How are you ? B. Yes, it is a monkey.

3. What can you do? C. Red.

4. What's that? D. I can read.

5. What's this? E. She is Alice.

6. Is that a monkey? F.That is a cow.

7. What colour is it? G.This is a pig.

8. How many apples? H. Nine apples


1.Moo……Moo……What's that? A. It's a pig.

2. Peep…… Peep……What's this? B. It's a duck.

3.Oink……Oink……What's that? C. It's a chick.

4.Quack……Quack……What's this? D. It's a cow. 将左栏中问句与右栏答句用直线连起来。

1. What colour is it? A. No. It's a panda.

2. Is this a bear? B. It is yellow.

3. May I have a cake,please? C. Here you are.

4. Who is he ? D. Goodbye!

5. Goodbye! E. He is my father.

6. What can you do? F. I can dance. 填空:1.---How many__________( pen , pencils) ?----Five.

2.---What color is it?---It is________( an orange , orange ).

3.Give_______( me , I ) a rubber,please.

4.Touch _________( you , your ) nose.

5.---What is that ?---________( It , This ) is a chick.

6.---What _______(can , am ) you do ?---I can dance.

7.Moo……Moo……I am a________(cow , duck).

8._______( What , Who ) is she ? ---She is my mother.

9.This is ________ ( I , my ) grandmother.

10.Colour_________( / ,the ) book blue.

11.________( What , Who ) can you see? I can see a ruler.

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