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广州最新版四年级英语下册unit 6 第二课时

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Module 3 Days of the week Unit 6 What do you usually do on Sunday?

What do, what do, What do you do?

Homework, homework,
I do my homework !

Funny sentences

I usually go swimming on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning go swimming usually

Funny sentences

I always go running on Saturday morning.

Saturday morning go running always

Funny sentences

I often do housework on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday afternoon do housework often

Funny sentences

I never go shopping on Sunday evening.

Sunday evening go shopping never

Funny sentences

I sometimes visit my friends on Sunday afternoon.

visit my friends 拜访朋友

Sunday afternoon visit my friends sometimes

Funny sentences

I usually see a film on Saturday evening.
see a film 看电影

Saturday evening see a film usually

1. help my parents 帮助父母 2. do housework 做家务 3. clean the room 清洁房间 4. clean the kitchen 清洁厨房 5. go to the park 去公园 6. go shopping 去购物 7. visit my friends 拜访朋友 8. see a film 看电影

A: What do you usually do on …? B: I …on …. And you? A: I … on…. Monday usually



Sunday often

Tuesday sometimes

Saturday sometimes

Wednesday always

Friday never

Thursday often

1. 完成下面的调查表,运用句型: A: What do you usually do on ___ after school? B: I usually __________. 2. 仿照上面Lily的例文介绍自己一周的课后活动。

see a film watch TV do housework go running go shopping play games visit my friends

广 州 市 小 英 中 心 组

? What is William’s favourite day ? His favourite day is Saturday. ? Who does he play football with ? He plays football with his friends.

? Where do they play ? They play in the park. ? Why doesn’t William like playing with Sandy
Because Sandy often shoots at his own goal.

usually never always often sometimes

often sometimes never

Let’s Try


Let’s Talk
1. What’s your favourite day? My favourite day is _____. 2. Why do you like ______? Because I like _______.

3. What do you usually do on _____? I always/ usually/ often/ sometimes _______ on ______.

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