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完形填空专题训练 6

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戴氏教育集团·戴氏高考中考学校 英语 初中部 专用 教师:王映刚


Who designed (设计) the first helicopter (直升飞机famous pictures in the world? Who knew more about the human body than most questions --- Leonardo de Vinci (达芬奇).

Leonardo may have been the greatest genius (天才lived in Italy around the year 1500, but many of his inventions seem modern to us today. For example, one of his notebooks has drawings of a helicopter. Of course, he couldn’t _have worked.

the time he was twenty years old, he was called a master ( 大师) painter, and as he got older he became more famous. Sometimes he drew a hand ten different Many of Leonardo’s wonderful paintings are still with _ ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

1. A. took 2. A. artists 3. A. to

B. made B. doctors B. of

C. painted C. painters C. for C. the world C. work C. wasn’t C. even C. because C. them C. smiling

D. invented D. people D. from D. people D. build

D.was no longer

4. A. the scientists B. the artists 5. A. draw 6. A. was just 7. A. less 8. A. before 9. A. him

B. paint B. wasn’t just B. no B. after B. us B. crying

D. very D. when D. you D. surprising

( ) 10. A. interesting

God helps those who help themselves!

戴氏教育集团·戴氏高考中考学校 英语 初中部 专用 教师:王映刚





3.A。介词to常表示一一对应的关系,“问题的答案”习惯表达为an answer to a question。

4.D。达?芬奇应是世人所知道的天才中最伟大的人,the world 一般指每个人,相当于第三人称单数,故people为正确选项。

5.D。draw和paint不合文意, work为不及物动词,不能直接接宾语。在那个时代,达?芬奇所不能做的应是制造飞机,故选择build。

6.B。这一句起承上启下的作用,意为“达?芬奇不仅仅是一名发明家”,故选择 wasn’t just。




10.C。达?芬奇的名作━━Mona Lisa以画中人物面部神秘的微笑而名扬天下,故选smiling。

God helps those who help themselves!

戴氏教育集团·戴氏高考中考学校 英语 初中部 专用 教师:王映刚

God helps those who help themselves!

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