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unit 6课后练习

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Unit 6 The Impact of a Caring Friend

? 1 No ? 2 He was carrying home all his books. ? 3 They ran towards him, knocking the books out of his arms and tripping him so he fell on the ground. ? 4 Yes. It turned out that he lived near the author.

? 5 Yes.All the girls loved him, and he always had lots of dates. ? 6 Kyle ? 7 He planned to kill himself. ? 8 According to Kyle, it was the author and his friendly attitude that saved him from killing himself.

P114 keys
? 1-5 A B C D B

P 115Keys: disbelief 不相信, 不信任 pick up 捡起来,拾起 appreciate 感激,感谢,理解 date 日期,约会,约会对象 grateful 感谢的,感激的 shrug 耸肩 gesture 手势,做手势,用手势表

punish惩罚,处罚 sibling 兄弟姐妹 impact 影响

? 1 picked up ? 2 gesture ? 3 siblings ? 4 disbelief ? 5 shrugged

? 6 punished ? 7 impact ? 8 date ? 9 appreciate ? 10 gratefully

1 hang out 2 staring at me 3fill out 4 clean out 5siblings 6tripped 7it turned out 8coach 9 go jogging 10freshman

1-5 A B A B D
6-10 B A C C D

P116 Sentence Patterns
1 Not until a few months later did
2 Not until he had got down with serious disease did 3 Not until she died did

4 Not until 1972 did
5 Not until she had finished all the work did

P117 2
1 if I am saying makes any sense
2 if anyone will remenber me

3 if I might have a word with Doctor Ford 4 if she was laughing or crying
5 if you can recall the words

P118 translation
1I admire the way she is able to shrug off unfair criticism.

2 She handed the book to the boy.
3 Would you like to hang out with me this weekend? 4 The football match is between the juniors and seniors. 5 He is very interested in what are called popular songs.

-age 场所,地点,动作,状态或 结果

-ary 涉及的人或事 -ery,-ory 场所,状态,身份
pregnancy 怀孕

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1) slavery 2)observatory 3)nurseries 4)fishery 5) bakery 6)orphanage孤儿院;孤儿身份 7)machinery 8)summary

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