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一、 听音选择与你听到的句子有关的单词 ( )1.A.pandaB.elephant C.park ( )2.A.playB.played C.playing ( )3.A.chairB.cheerC.clean( )4.A.ChineseB.China C.America ( )5.A.have a fever B.have a headache C.have a cold 二、听橘子,选出你所听到句中含有的短语。 ( )1.A went hiking B went fishing C went skiing ( )2. A at 5:00 B at 5:30 C at 6: 30 ( )3. A hot and rainy B hot and sunny C warm and rainy ( )4. A clean the room B clean the window C clean my bedroom ( )5. A saw an elephant B saw a rabbit C bought a present 三、听问句,选答语 ( )1. A Yes, I do B Yes, I did C Yes, she did ( )2. A She is sad. B She was happy C I was sad. ( )3.A It is June 1st . B It was May 2nd

. C I’m in June. ( )4. A He has a headache B She has a toothache. C I have a cold. ( )5.A I go to school. B I went to a park C I’m going to a cinema. 四、听音,判断句子正误。 ( )1.She likes kites very much. ( )2.Lily likes tomatoes for lunch. ( )3.My father went to Xinjiang on holiday. ( )4.I am 48 kg. ( )5.My home is not far from my school. 五、听短文,判断句子正误。 ( )1. There are six classes in the afternoon ( )2.Gordon has no English class on Friday. ( )3. Gordon likes computer class best. ( )4. The food in Gordon’s school is good. ( )5. Gordon’s English teacher is from America. 一、选出不同类的一个。 ( ) 1. A book B ruler C nose D sharpener( ) 2. A purple B finger C foot D arm ( ) 3. A orange B monkey C yellow D purple( ) 4. A panda B birdC hot day D lamb( ) 5. A milk B French fries C water D juice( ) 6. A balloon B eight C two D elever( )7. A her B their C our D they( )8. A swim B run C bread D skate( )9. A sun B cold C windy D rainy( )10. A TuesdayB August C Wednesday D Friday 二、写出下列单词的适当形式 1.buy(过去式 )_____ 2.stop(过去式 )_____3.play (现在分词 )_______ 4.give(过去式) ________5.watch (过去式 ) _____ 6.went( 原形 ) _______7.photo( 复数 )________ 8.eat ( 过去式 )________9.win (过去式 ) _____ 10.is (过去式 )_________ 三、选择填空。(9分) ( ) 1. --- When's your birthday? --- It's ___________ January 1 st. A. on; B. in; C. on; ( ) 2. --- Where _________ you just now? --- I _________ at school. A. were' was B. were; were C. was; were ( ) 3. Does the girl dolls? A likes B likeC liking ( ) 4. ________ you _______ your grandparents last weekend? A. Did; visited B. Did; visit C. Do; visited ( ) 5. Last Friday, they ________ to . A. went; swim B.went; swiming C. went; swimming ( ) 6. I ______ a kite and _____ it in a park yesterday. A. maked; flew B. made; flew C. made; flyed ( ) 7. There a table and two chairs in the room.A. isB. are C. am ( ) 8. We usually ______ moon cakes(月饼) on Mid-Autumn Festival. We _______ a lot of delicious cakes yesterday. A. eat; ate B. eat; eated C. ate; ate ( ) 9. --- Whose book is it? - It's not ________ book. It's

_________. A. my; hers B. mine; hers C. My'; hers ( ) 10. My grandpa is old, _______ he looks young.A. and B. but C. or 四、句型匹配。(16分) ( ) 1. What's your favourite holiday? A. They're Jim's. ( ) 2. When's your birthday? B. She planted some trees. ( ) 3. What did she do on the farm? C. It's the 21 st of January. ( )4. Did you have a wonderful time? D. It means "keep off the grass". ( ) 5. Whose gloves are they? E. They're in Jim's desk. ( ) 6. What date is it today? F. Halloween. ( ) 7. What does this sign mean? G. Yes, we did. ( ) 8. Where are your gloves? H. It's on the 21 st of January 五、用所给词的适当形式填空。(10分) 1. Jim's parents are doctors; my parents are ________ (farm). 2. My birthday's on the ________ (five) of February. 3. I ________ (go) to parties with my friends last weekend. 4. I like _______ (collect) stamps very much. 5. Jim always __________ (have) a lot of questions. 6. Did you go _________ (swim) last Sunday? 7. He closed the window just now. And now the window is ___ (close) 8. --- Is this your book? --- No, it's _______ (he). 9. Please help _______ (they) do some housework. 10. Look, they are _______ (sing and dance). 六、阅读理解。 A: Yang Ling, what did you do last Sunday? B: I visited Lin Tao's grandparents. A: Where do they live? B: They live in a small town near Nanjing. They have a really nice house. I went there with Su Hai, Su Yang, Gao Shan, LiuTao and Ben. They were very glad to see us. Liu Tao's grandpa

showed us a lot of stamps from different countries. His

grandma cooked us a nice lunch. We liked the food very much. A: What did you do there?

B: In the morning, we cleaned their house. In the afternoon, we worked in their garden. Su Hai and Su Yang watered the trees and flowers. Liu Tao and Gao Shan picked apples. Ben and I planted some trees. We worked for about two hours(小时). A: Were you tired? B: No! I like working in the garden. We had a really good time. A: Great! I'd like to visit them, too. 判断正误,用"√""×"表示。

( )1. Gao Shan and Yang Ling visited Lin Tao's grandparents last Sunday.

( ) 2. On the farm, Yang Ling planted trees. ( ) 3. Liu Tao's grandma cooked a nice lunch. ( ) 4. Yang Ling and Su Hai planted flowers.

( ) 5. They worked on the farm for about two hours.

Mrs Green is going to give a birthday party for Mary (Mary is her daughter). Mary is going to be thirteen years old. Twenty friends of Mary’s are going to come to the party. They are all girls. Mrs Green is getting ready for party. Mrs White is helping her.

“Let’s make a pretty cake,” Mrs White says to Mrs Green.

“Ok. Thank you very much.”

Mrs Green is going shopping now. She’s going to buy fruit for the party.

Mrs Green buys some fruit. She buys a lot of pears, orange, and bananas. Then she goes home.

It’s three o’clock in the afternoon. Everything is ready .Now the first girl is arriving. The party is going to start in thirty minutes.

( ) 1. ______ is going to give a birthday party for Mary.

A. Mrs White B. Mrs Green C. Mary D. Mary’s friend ( ) 2. Mary is going to be ______ years old.

A. twenty B. ten C. twelve D. thirteen ( ) 3. _____ are going to come to the party.

A. Thirty boys B. Twenty girls C. Forty children D. Mrs Green and Mrs White

( ) 4. Mrs Green buys ____ for the party.

A. a cake B. some fruit C. some bananas and apples D. a lot of oranges

( ) 5. The party is going to begin at ____ in the afternoon. A. two thirty B. three C. four D. three thirty 七、小作文。(15分)

以Myself(我)为题按下面的要求写一篇英语小作文。 要求:1.语句通顺,条理清楚,书写清晰、规范。


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