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一、选词填空. (20分)

1. He always _____ trees.

2. She likes _____ fast food.

3、Do you go to the zoo to animals?

4、My cousin to school.

5、Jenny likes to with her skipping rope.

6、They always go to the playground to basketball.

7、What colour her eyes?

8、On Sunday, my parents and I go to the park to a kite.

9、My friend Peter likes to newspapers.

10、I never______ visit the moon.

二、用所给动词的适当形式填空. (10分)

1 We ______ ( go ) to Chinatown tomorrow .

2.They__________( collect ) lots of great stamps last year .

3.Girls like_______ ( dance ) and_______ ( play ) football is boys’ hobby .

4.Let’s _______ ( go ) to Chinatown now .

5. I want to_____ (show) Daming the present from China.

三、 单项选择(10分)

( )1、 a fantastic present!

A、How B、Where C、What D、That ( )2、I want go to the park.

A、do B、in C、with D、to ( )3、Not really, I a long time ago.

A、stop B、stops C、stoped D、stopped ( )4、Do you often to school?

A、speaking B、walking C、walk D、reading ( )5、 you want to go inside?

A、Does B、Did C、Are D、Do ( )6、Lily sometimes the blackboard.

A、talks B、walk C、cleans D、reads ( )7. My father ______ clean his car tomorrow.

A. going B. going to C. will D. is going

( )8. ----Have you got a new car?


A. Yes, I got. B. No, I have. C. No, I not got. D. Yes, I have. ( )9. He ______ up at 7 o’clock in the morning.

A. not get B. get C. getting D. gets

( )10. She has got a box ______ photos.

A. full of B. full C. is full of D. fulled of


1、 ( )改为 A B C

2、 ( )改为


3、 ( )改为


4、 ( )改为 A B C

5、 ( )改为 A B C

五、 阅读理解(20分)

Jack and Li Xuan are good friends. On Sunday they are in Li Xuan’s room . Li Xuan’s room is very clean and tidy .There are two windows in his room. Near the window there is a desk . On the desk there is an ink bottle, a lamp and some books .Beside the desk there is a bed .On the wall there is a phone of Li Xuan’s family .

True (T) or False (F)

( ) 1 Jack and Jane are good friends.

( ) 2 Li Xuan’s room is clean but not tidy.

( ) 3 There are no windows in Li Xuan’s room.

( ) 4 There is a chair and a table in Li Xuan’s room.

( )5 On the wall there isn’t a phone of Li Xuan’s family .

Christmas is a very famous special western festival. It’s also a very important festival. Before Christmas, people decorate their homes. They send Christmas cards to their relatives and friends, and they buy Christmas trees to decorate their homes. People buy presents and wrap them beautifully. They put the presents under their Christmas tree. Some families open their presents on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day. Then everyone gets together and has a large meal. Almost everybody in England likes Christmas.

( )80.Christmas is a famous _______ festival.

A.eastern B. western C.Chinese

( )81.Before Christmas, people like to decorate their _____.

A .homes B. lights C.presents

( )82. People like to send ______ before Christmas.

A.emails B. Christmas cards C.Christmas trees

( )83.People buy ______ and wrap them beautifully.

A.trees B.presents C.cards

( )84.People says “______” to each other at Christmas.

A. Hello. B. Happy new year. C.Merry Christmas.

六、找出一个划线部分发音不同的单词(共30分) ( )1、A、seat B、mean C、leave D、bread ( )2、A、pig B、quite C、king D、this

( )3、A、back B、man C、make D、happy ( )4、A、head B、teacher C、ready D、breakfast ( )5、A、help B、nest C、letter D、she ( )6、A、party B、star C、war D、farm ( )7、A、past B、has C、fast D、ask ( )8、A、but B、put C、cut D、study ( )9、A、son B、month C、front D、mop ( )10、A、job B、stop C、cold D、model ( )11、A、those B、home C、alone D、soft ( )12、A、ago B、again C、apple D、about ( )13、A、like B、little C、wide D、smile ( )14、A、page B、cake C、have D、date ( )15、A、way B、play C、toy D、stay ( )16、A、hat B、what C、map D、sad ( )17、A、get B、next C、help D、we ( )18、A、early B、sky C、city D、very ( )19、A、grow B、how C、slow D、yellow ( )20、A、flower B、town C、down D、know

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