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Unit1 Our school subjects


school subject see Chinese

Maths Art Music lesson

Monday PE Science fun

go to playground afternoon


What subject do you like? 你喜欢什么科目?

I like English. How about you? 我喜欢英语。那你呢?

I like Science. 我喜欢科学。

Welcome back to school. 欢迎回到学校 。

What lessons do you have in the afternoon? 你们下午有什么课?

Unit2 After school


Wednesday Saturday Sunday Tuesday

Thursday Friday get up 起床

after school 放学后 go match today

when every day 每天


I have… 我有…… He/She has… 他/她有…… We don’t have… 我们没有…… What day is it today? 今天星期几? It’s Monday. 今天星期一。 What a pity! 真遗憾!

All right. 好的。

Unit3 My day


usually经常 go to school 去上学 in the morning 在上午 in the afternoon在下午 go home 回家 go to bed 睡觉 homework watch TV 看电视 in the evening在晚上

have lunch 吃中饭 have dinner 吃晚饭 at night在夜里


when do you go to bed? 你什么时间睡觉?

I go to bed at nine. 我9点睡觉

Unit4 Drawing in the park


park draw flower them

boat river lake drawing

easy difficult try hill again


what can you see? 你能看到什么?

I can … 我能……

Good idea! 好主意!

Unit5 Seasons


seasons spring warm summer

hot autumn cool winter cold

fly kite 放风筝 go boating 去划船

go swimming 去游泳 picnic go climbing 去爬山

go skating 去滑冰 fine whose


in spring,it is warm 在春天里,它是暖和的。

We go boating. 我们去划船。

Unit6 Whose dress is this?


dress party coat shirt

sweater hand

too trousers glove so jeans shorts wrong move hurt

句型 Whose dress is this/that? 这/那是谁的裙子?

Whose gloves are thses/those? 这些/那些是谁的手套? It’s/Thry are my father’s. 它是/它们是我父亲的。 I think so . 我想是这样。 What’s the matter? 怎么了??

Unit7 What’s the matter?

词汇 thirsty

water ill tired happy

dear Mrs speak

句型 What’s the matter?


I’m cold. 我感冒了 Can I have some water ? 我能喝些水吗? Here you are. 给你。 Come and have…? 来吃……? I want to… 我想…… Good night. 晚上好。 Unit8 How are you?


may here take care保重;小心 at school在学校 come to school 来学校 cold fever cough headache

句型 this is YangLing speak. 我是杨玲。

May I speak to Miss Li? 我可以和李小姐说吗? I’m sorry to hear that. 我很抱歉听到那个。

How are you?你好吗?

I’m fine,thank you./Not so good. 我很好,谢谢。/不好。 See you tomorrow. 明天见。 See you .再见。 话太

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