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Class One,Grade Four

It is Tuesday today. Boys and girls are all at school。They usually come to school by bus. Their teacher is at school,too. The teacher’s name is Gu Yan. She is young. She usually comes to school on foot.

Look at the classroom of Class One, Grade Four. In this room, you can see a boy and a girl. The boy is eleven. His name is Jack. The girl is Emma. She is twelve. John is Jack’s friend. He is an American boy.


( )1.Boys and girls are all at home today.

( )2.The boys and girls go to school by bus.

( )3.Miss Gu is not old.

( )4.Miss Gu usually goes to school by bike.

James Is Ill

James is a primary school(小学) student. He’s in Grade(年纪) Three now. He has a round face and wears glasses. He likes playing football and swimming. But today he doesn’t go to school. He’s ill. He’s in bed. He had a bad cold. He must stay in bed for a week.


( )1.James is a student.

A.primary school B.middle school C.senior school

( )2.Jame is in Grade . A.Too B.Three C.Two

( . A.basketball B.football C.table tennis

( .

A.he is tired B.he is ill C.he is sleepy

( )5.James must stay in bed for . A.a day B.a week C.two weeks

The Lion’s Dinner

Lion: Good afternoon, Mrs Rabbit. Let me eat you.

Rabbit: Don’t eat me, Mr Lion. I’m old. That mouse is younger than me.

Lion: Miss Mouse, Miss Mouse, let me eat you.

Mouse: Oh, no. Many birds are standing over there.

Lion: Birds, I will eat you. You are my dinner.

Birds: You are bad. We can fly, can you?

Lion: No, I can’t. But where is my dinner、


( )1.The lion is . A.full B.hungry C.scared(受惊吓的) D.happy

( )2.The lion doesn’t eat the rabbit,because there is a over there.

A.deer B.bird C.goat D.mouse


A.No,they can. B.Yes,they can. C.No, they can’t. D.Yes,they can’t.

( )4.The lion can't fly. He at last.

A.eat dinner B.eat the rabbit C.doesn’t have dinner D.eat the mouse

( )5.The lion doesn’t eat the mouse,because ther are over there.

A.birds B.rabbits C.goats D.deers

The first Day of School

It’s the first day of school. Lily wants to go back to school. She wants to see her friends, She wants to meet her new teachers.

Lily gets up early in the morning. She washes the face and eats the breakfast. Then she rides her bike to school. She sees her friends on the playground. She plays hide-and-seek(捉迷藏) with them. In the classroom, Lily meets her new math teacher. Her name is Mrs Green. Lily likes Mrs Green. She can speak English very well. Lily thinks she is a nice teacher.


( )1.It’s the first day of the new year. ( )2.Lily wants to meet her friends.

( )3.Lily goes to school by bus. ( )4.Lily’s new teacher is a nice woman.

( )5.Mrs Green is Lily’s English teacher.


( )1.Peter palys basketball, but Cindy doesn’t play basketball.

( )2.Jack doesn’t play TV games. Cindy doesn’t play Tvgames, either(也).

( )3.Cindy watches TV. Peter watches TV, too.

( )4.Jack doesn’t watch TV. Peter doesn’t watch TV, either.

( )5.Peter doesn’t sleep a lot . Jack doesn't sleep a lot , either.


Sam is a teacher of math. He is not young, but he is not old. He is 40 years old. He has a round(圆的) face and black hair. He is short. There are forty students in his class. They all like him.

Now it’s in the afternoon. Look, some students are studying in the classroom. Sam is there, too. He is helping them to study math. He is a old teacher, and he is a good friend of his students.


( )1.What does Sam do?

A. He is a worker. B.He is a teacher. C.He is a doctor. D.He is a nurse.

( )2.What colour is his hair?

A.It’s black. B.His hair is white. C.It is brown. D.He has yellow hair.

( )3.How many students are there in his class?

A.There are fourteen students in his class. B.There’s forty.

C.He has forty. D.There are forty in it.

( )4.Sam is a good teacher,isn’t he?

A.Yes ,he isn’t. B.No,he is . C.No,he isn’t. D.Yes, he is.

( )5.What are the students doing in the classroom?

A.They are walking there. B. They are doing their lessons.

C. They are helping their teacher. D. They are good friends of Sam.

See a Doctor

Mother: Good morning, Doctor!

Doctor: Good morning, Mrs Brown. What’s wrong with your son, John?

Mother: He looks ill.

Doctor: Hello, John. How do you feel now?

John: I don’t feel well, Doctor.

Doctor: Open your mouth, John. Show me your tongue. Say“Ah”.

John: Ah…

Doctor: John has a bad cold, Mrs Brown.

Mother: Can he go to school?

Doctor: No. He must be in bed and take some medicine.

Mother: Thank you ,Doctor. 根据短文选择正确答案

( )1.The doctor comes to see John .

A.in the morning B.in the afternoon C.at night

( )2.John is .

A.a doctor B.the doctor’s son C.Mrs Brown’s son

( )3.What’s wrong with John? He is .

A.feeling ill B.ill C.very good

( )4.Can John go to school? .

A.Yes,he can. B.No,he can’t. C.I don’t know.

( )5.The doctor asks John open his mouth to see his .

A.stomach B.tongue C.teeth

Jim’s Family

It’s nine o’clock in the evening. The family are all at home. Jim’s father is sitting in a chair. He’s watching TV. Jim’s mother is standing near the window. She’s giving some food to a bird. Polly says, “Thanks! Thanks!” Where’s Jim? Oh, he’s behind the door. Kate, Jim’s sister, is looking for him. They are playing games. They have no homework on Sunday evening. 根据短文选择正确答案

( )1.There are members(成员) in the family.

A.three B.four C.five D.six

( )2.Who is watching TV in a chair?

A.Jim B.Jim’s mother C.Jim’s father D.Jim’s sister

( )3.Jim and Kate are .

A.good friends B.two girls C.two boys D.brother and sister

( )4.The children doing their homework.

A.aren’t B.isn’t C.don’t D.not

( )5.What’s Kate doing?

A.She’s doing her homework. B.She’s standing near the window.

C.She’s looking for a pen. D.She’s playing games.

You Can Use Mine

Tim: Where are you going?

Nancy: I’m going to the classroom. What’s the weather like outside(外面)?

Tim: It’s raining and windy. You should take an umbrella (雨伞) with you.

Nancy: But I haven’t got one.

Tim: You can use mine. I don’t need(需要) it now. Here it is.

Nancy: Thank you very much. Bye.

Tim: Bye.


1.What’s the like outside? 2.It’s and windy.

3.Nancy hasn’t an umbrella.

4.You should take an umbrella you. 5.You can use .

Lucy and Lily’s Bedroom

This is Lucy and this is Lily. They are twins(双胞胎).They are twelve. This is their bedroom. It’s a nice room. The two beds look the same. This bed is Lily’s and that one is Lucy’s .The twins have two desks and two chairs. Lucy’s chair is green and Lily’s blue. Lucy’s skirt(裙子) is on her bed. Lily’s coat is on the clothes line(晒衣绳). Their clock,books and

pencil-boxes are on the desk. Their schoolbags are behind the chair. Their bedroom is very nice and tidy(整洁的).


( )1.Lucy and Lily are .

A.brothers B.sisters C.friends D.boys

( )2.Lucy and her sister have .

A.two chairs and one desk B. two desks and one chair

C.two chairs and two desks D. one desk and one chair

( )3.Lily’s chair is and Lucy’s is .

A.ren, black B.yellow, black C.blue, green D.red, yellow

( )4.Where’s Lucy’s skirt?

A.It’s on the clothes line. B.It’s on their desk.

C.It’s on her bed. C.It’s on her sister’s bed.

( )5.Which sentence(句子) is right?

A.Their classroom is very nice. B.Their two chairs don’t look the same.

C.Their clock,coats and pencil-boxes are on the desk.

D.Their schoolbags are under the chair.

Where Do They Sit?

Six children go to the cinema to see a new film. The film is about animals.

Their seats numbers are 5A, 5B, 5C, 5D, 5E and 5F. They sit in the same row. Mingming doesn’t sit next to John. He sits next to Sue. Helen sits between Sam and John. Sam sits in 5A.Mary sits on the left of Mingming. Which seats do they sit in?

A Sunny Day

It is beautiful sunny day. There isn’t a cloud in the sky. Grey wants to have lunch outside. But we decide(决定) to have a swim first. After swimming, we have lunch under the trees. Then we lie(躺) in the sun for a while(一会儿).In the afternoon, it begins to get cloudy. At five o’clock, we have to go back because it starts to rain.


1.What do we do on a sunny day?

2.What do we decide to do first?

3.What’s the weather like in the afternoon?

4.Why do we have to go back home?

5.When do we go home?

My Cousin’s Computer

My cousin(堂表兄弟) has a computer. But I don’t have a computer. So I often go to my cousin’s home.

I draw pictures and play computer games on my cousin’s computer. I can draw chickens, tables, chairs and so on(等等).But my cousin can’t draw pictures on the computer. I like playing the Harry Potter game best(最好), because it’s very exciting(令人兴奋的).

I like computers very much and I want a computer, too.


I often go to my home because my cousin has a .I draw and play games on his computer.But my cousin can’t draw on the computer. I like the Harry Potter game ,because it’s very .


Jeff lives in a big city. His father has a shop there and his mother is a doctor. He is seven years old now and begins(开始) to go to school this autumn. It’s a little far from their house and his father drives(驾驶) a car to take him to school every day. So he is never late for class and his teachers like him. It’s Monday today. Miss Green is teaching(教) them to count from one to ten(从一数到五).Jeff is studying hard. Soon he can count them. Miss Green is happy and asks,“How many people are there in your family, Jeff?” Jeff stands up and says,“Nobody, Miss Green.”“Why?”“Mother, father and I are not at home now.”


1. Where does Jeff live?

2. What does Jeff’s mother do?

3. Why does Jeff’s father drive a car to take him to school every day?

4. What is Miss Green teaching them today?

5. How many people are there in Jeff’s family?


In my family, there are three people, which is my mother, my father and I. My mother

likes cooking, and my father likes reading. We are very happy, and play together a lot. My mother always looks after me, and my father looks after me too. I love my parents!

1. How many people are there in my family ?

A One B Two C Three

2.What does my father like ? He likes ___-.

A cooking B Playing C reading

3.Who always looks after me ?______

A my father B my mother C my parents

4.Are we happy?

A Yes , I am B Yes ,we’re not C Yes .we are

5.Do I love my parents ?

A No, I’m not B Yes ,I am C Yes ,I’m not.


There are three people in my family,My father is a worker ,he often plays basketball with me,He hopes me to be "YAO MING".My mom is a teacher,she often does housework ,I often help her.I am very happy with my mom and my father.So,that's my happy family

1. What does my father do ?

A . A teacher B A worker C . A Student

2. What does my father like playing ?

A basketball B housework C piano

3.Who does my father hope me to be ?

A He B Yao Ming C Liu Xiang

4.Is my mother a teacher ?

A Yes ,I am B Yes ,she is C Yes ,he is

5.Who helps my mother do housework ?

A My father B Yao Ming C .I


A train stops at a station(车站). A young man wants to come out, but it is raining. A boy is standing under a big umbrella. The young man says to the boy. “Can you go and get us two hambugers, one for you and one for me? Here are two dollars.” “Great!” say the boy and he

goes to buy hamburgers. After some time, the boy is back. He is eating a hamburger. “Where is my hamburger?” asks the young man. “Oh, there is only one hamburger left. So I’m eating mine. Here is your dollar. ”

1.Where is the young man ?

A At a station B Under a big umbrella C On the train

2.What does the young man want to buy ?

A Umbrella B Hamburgers C Dollars

3.Who helps the young man ?

A A boy B A man C .Nobody

4.Does the young man get a hambuger ?

A No ,he doesn’t B Yes ,he does C .No ,he does

5.Is the boy clever(聪明的) ?

A Yes ,he isn’t B Yes ,he is C .No ,I’m not

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