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Part I.听力部分

一、 听音,把听到的单词的序号填入题前括号 ( )1 A.and B.hand C.cat D.ant ( )2A.fine B.bike C.dive D.type ( )3A.rose B.hole C.know D.coat ( )4A.fair B.hair C.chair D.share ( )5A.house B.arouse C.south D.loud 二、听音,把听到的句子的序号填入括号内。

( )1A.Where are you doing? B.where did you go? C.I am goi ng to Kunming.

( )2. A.What did you do? B.What did you buy ? C.What did you see?

( )3 A.I went on a trip. B.I wen to a park. C.I went to a zoo. ( )4 A.Get off at the post office B.Which is stronger. C.Turn right at the bank.

( )5.A.which is heavier B.Have a good trip. C.Which is taller?


( )1.A.I had a cold B.I has a coldC.I have a cold

( )2.A.He is 164cm. B.He is 164cm tall.C.He is 164kg. ( )3.A.You’re shorter than me .B.You’re taller than me C.You’re stronger than me.

( )4.A.I’m fine.B.I feel sick.C.I’m very happy. ( )5.A.Yes,I did B.Yes, I do .C.No, I am not. 四、根据听到的内容,判断句子正误。

( )1. Wang Ming is a worker in a factory.

( )2. Wang Ming gets up at 6:00 in the morning. ( )3.Wang Ming likes walking and watching TV. ( )4.Wang Ming goes to work by car.

( )5. Wang Ming usually walks with his wife(妻子) in the morning.


( )1.The end tables are near the bed.. ( )2.I have my own room.

( )3.There are two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room.

( )4.My clothes are in the closet.

( )5.There is a small bed , a mirror, a closet,and a desk. Part II 笔试部分


( )1. A.throat B.leg C.nose D.sore ( )2. A.sad B.excited C.dance D.bored ( )3. A.watch B.sing C.climb D.present ( )4. A.matter B.longer C.older D.thinner ( )5. A.Violin B.music C.piano D.Erhu ( )6. A him B us C me D they ( )7. A trash B quiet C smart D active

( )8. A kick B yesterday C tomorrow D today ( )9. A river B mountain C computer D forest ( )10. A heavy B big C long D smaller 二、按要求完成下列各词

foot(复数) man (复数) people(复数) heavy(比较级) long(反义词) buy (过去式) do (三人称单数) go (过去式) swim (现在分词) read(过去式) 三、用所给词的正确形式填空 1.Does he likes (sing)

2.Liping and I (be) in the same class. 3.I’m going to (watch) a movie tomorrow. 4.last weekend, we (go)to the zoo.

5.Look! The boy is (tall)than his father.

6. The elephant is much (strong) than the monkey. 7.We can (make) a snowmen in winter. 8. Jim (live) in China.

9. (that) are come horses and cows.

10.I would like to eat some (tomato) for dinner. 四、选择填空

( )1.We went last Sunday. A.swimming B. swim C.swam

( )2.The woman is forty, but she looks so .

A.tall B.young C.thin

( )3.What are you going to do,LiMing?

A.I’m playing soccer.B.I go to play soccor. C.I’m going to play soccor.

( )4.Do you visit your parents last night? A.Yes, I do B. No, I’m not. C.Yes, I am. ( )5.He usually plays at the park Sundays.

A.in B.at C.on

( )6.A: ? B: It’s windy and hot. A. What day is it today? B. How do you feel? C.What’ s the weather like today? ( )7. A: ? B:It’s nine in the morning. A.What is the date today . B.What time is it now? C. What day is it ?

( )8. Chenjie goes to school bike. A.by B.in C.on ( )9.---- tall is your sister? ---- 1.1 cm. A. What B. How C.Where ( )10.I’m than you.

A.heavier B.heavy C.heavyer


<<A It’s on the second floor. B Li Lei’s. C In June. D Yes, I did. E No, I do. F Because I can fly kites.>> A:When do we have a holiday? B: .

A: Where is your classroom? B: A:Why do you like spring? B:

A:Whose birthday is on the 21stof June? B:

A: Did you go to the supermarket? B: 六、阅读

Hello! My name is Mike.Do you know Kunming? That is a beautiful place. Last holiday my family went to there.We went to hotell by taxi. The driver is very friendly.He told us many things about Kunming.But when we got to the hotel,I found my bag was in the taxi.I was very angry.We asked the police to help us to look for(寻找) it.There were many bags in the police station ,but they are not mine.The afernoon a man came into the police station.he had my bag.I was so excited to see the taxi driver again.He told me to enjoy my visit to Kunming. 阅读短文,判断正(T)误(F)

( )1. They went to Kunming by taxi.

( )2.The driver told Mike about Kunming.

( )3.Mike’s mother left her bag in the taxi. ( ) 4.The police help him to fonud his bag. ( )5.The driver had my bag.

Last Sunday was a funny day. Liu Tao came to my home in the morning. We studied English together. We read some funny English stories. At about ten o’clock, we went to Chennan Park on foot. And we fished there. It was very interesting. We cooked lunch at about 12 o’clock and it was very nice. Then we cleaned the kitchen. We watched TV after lunch. At about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, we played Ping-Pong. ( )1. Mike watched TV ________________.

A. in the morning B. in the afternoon C. in the evening

( )2. Mike and Liu Tao went fishing __________.

A. at home B. in Chenango Park C. at school

( )3. They went to the park _____________.

A. on foot B. by bus C. by bike ( )4. This afternoon they also ______________.

A. played football. B. played basketball. C. played table tennis.

( )5. Who cooked lunch? ____________.

A. Mike. B. Mike and Liu Tao. C. Mike’s mother. 七、作文

以My Mother 为题,写一篇作文,不少于50单词。

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