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Lesson 6

唱一唱 读读写写 小制作 看故事 美丽四季

考一考 找一找 练一练



Let’s sing



sunny and cool


What’s your favourite season? Why?

Winter. Because it’s ….

Tiger: What’s your favourite season, Mr Dog? Dog: Summer.

Tiger: Why do you like summer?
Dog: Because I can eat icecream and swim in the lake. Summer is the best season. Tiger: Which season do you like best, Miss Monkey?

Monkey: I like spring best.
Tiger: Why do you like spring? Monkey: Because I can plant trees. Spring is the best season.

Name: Mr. Dog Favourite season: ______

No.2 Name: Miss Monkey

Favourite season: ______
Because: _____________________ No.4 Name: Miss Rabbit Favourite season: ______ Because: _____________________

Because: _____________________
No.3 Name: Mr Bear Favourite season:______ Because: _____________________

Read and write

Let’s check

Lily and Tom are good friends. They always play together. One day, they go to swim. They are very happy. Lily says,“I like summer, because I can swim. ” Tom says, “I like summer, but I like winter best,because I can play with snow. I can skate.” 1. Which season does Lily like best? Why?

2. Which season does Tom like best? Why?

3. What is your favourite season? Why? ______________________________

Make a season book


Which season do you like best? Spring.



Because I can fly kites.

When is the best time to go to Beijing?


It’s sunny and cool. What is the weather like in fall in Beijing? You can go to the Great Wall.

What can I do there?

Story time

Busy bear and Lazy Bear are good friends. They play in the garden. It is spring. They’re very happy. “I like spring.” says Busy Bear. “Why do you like spring?” asks Lazy Bear. “Because I can plant apple trees.” says Busy Bear. Summer comes, Busy Bear waters his apple trees. Lazy Bear swims in the lake.

It’s fall. But Lazy Bear flys kites and climbs mountains. “My favourite season is fall.” says Lazy Bear. “Why do you like fall best?” asks Busy Bear. “Because it’s cool and windy. I can fly kites and climb mountains.”
Winter comes, Busy Bear goes to sleep. But Lazy Bear wakes up. He is very hungry. He has nothing to eat.





a. Which season does Lazy Bear like best? Why?

b. What’s Busy Bear’s favourite season? Why?

Read and write
Which season do you like best?

I like winter best.
Summer is good, but fall is my favourite season.

When spring comes, it shines. Flowers come out and grass smiles. Birds sing and trees grow. Rabbits are jumping to announce the spring. When summer comes, cicadas(知了) begin to shout. Golden wheat are nodding and smiling. The red sun is shining. It’s crowded in the swimming pool. The fall comes and it’s good. Golden leaves are blown by wind. Maple leaves(枫叶) tu

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