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Part A Listening (听力部分,40分)


( ) 1. A. ticket B. parents C. trip

( ) 2. A. visitor B. first C. plane

( ) 3. A. hen B. cow C. village

( ) 4. A. city B. delicious C. really

( ) 5. A. list B. basket C. schoolbag


( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )


( ) A. Beijing is a wonderful city.

( ) B. We are going to buy tomorrow’s air ticket.

( ) C. What did you see in that old city?

( ) D. I think we’d better make a shopping list first.

( ) E. How did you come here?


( ) 1. A. Sure! B. It’s snowy. C. Xi’an.

( ) 2. A. Yes, I can. B. My parents.

C. No, this is Helen speaking.

( ) 3. A. By ship. B. They are on the swings.

C. It's next to the gym.

( ) 4. A. It’s great. I really enjoyed it.

B. Certainly. Here you are.

C. Yes, but wait a moment.

( ) 5. A. She’s from England. B. It’s Monday.

C. I’m from China.

Part B Writing ( 笔试部分) 基础题60分,拓展题20分


crowded enjoy shopping The Bell Tower England



( ) 1. A. the Great Wall B. the West Lake C. restaurant

( ) 2. A. ship B.Hangzhou C. train

( ) 3. A. delicious B. hot C. cold

( ) 4. A. supermarket B. vegetable C. fruit

( ) 5. A. Mother’s Day B. new term C. Children’s Day

七、选择正确的答案补全句子或对话, 将代号填在括号里(10分)。

( ) 1. ---What are you going to do with your father? ---

A. Great! B. Buy an air ticket. C. Thank you.

( ) 2. ---Are you ready for the trip? ---

A. Yes, I’m Li Shan. B. I’m twelve. C. Yes, we are.

( ) 3. ---How did you come here? ---

A. Let’s send her some flowers. B. She’s not in.

C. By plane.

( ) 4. --- Was the weather OK in Xi’an? ---

A. Yes, but it was a little cold. B. It was Monday.

C. It’s my pleasure.


--- Go along this streert and you’ll find it soon.

A. could you tell me the way to Nanjing Road?

B. how are you?

C. is it the first time you come to Beijing?

八、从方框中选择适当的句子补全对话,将代号写在横线上。(10分) Father: Who’s comimg to our home?

Jack: He’s from Australia.

Father: But we haven't got enough food. Would you like to go

shopping with me?

Jack: Which supermarket shall we go to?

Father: I think we’d better make a shopping list first.


九、读短文,判断句子正误,正确的写 “T”, 错误的写 “F”。(10分) Hello! My name is David. I’m a visitor here. It’s my first time to Yunnan. I like walking in the village and seeing the hens and cows. Well, I don’t like the crowded traffic in city. The weather here is warm, I like sleeping in the hotel and eating the delicious food in a restaurant. I’ll visit Lijiang city and Dali city and go shopping.

( )1.It is the first time for David to Yunnan.

( )2.David likes walking and running in the village.

( )3. The weather in Yunnan is very hot.

( )4. David doesn’t like sleeping in the hotel.

( )5. David will visit Lijiang city and Dali city.


拓展题 (20分)

十一、选词填空,每个词限用一次, 注意句首字母大写(10分)。

enjoy , but, for, take, with

1. Do some pictures and have a good time.

2. I hope you will yourself here.

3. The weather in Haikou is hot, it has beautiful beaches.

4. I’m going to the supermarket my mother.

5. Father’s Day is coming. What shall we do our father?


1. 名字 2. 尺子r 3. 这些4. 橡皮 ser 5. 苹果

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