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pep 新版三上预案unit 4 where is my car A let's learn

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PEP Book2 Unit4 Where is my car?

A let’s learn预案


一、 教学目标:

1. 能够听、说、认读单词:desk chair in on under

2. 能够听懂句型:Where is ? ?It’s in/on/under the ?,并在图片、实物或情境的帮助下运用方位介词短语表达物品的位置。

3. 能听懂教师的指令,并能做出相应的动作。

二、 教学重难点:

能准确的读chair而且能掌握并熟练运用句型:Where is ? ?It’s in/on/under the ?

三、 课前准备:

1. sing a song:The cat is from the UK.

2. I say you do: show me your ?(book pen pencil-box schoolbag)

四、 教学过程:


1. play a game: pass a box(盒子里放第一单元标志性建筑和国旗图片) 盒子传递,学生说:box box go go go ,当听到stop时,拿到盒子的学生抽张图片,其他学生问:Where are you from? 拿到图片的学生回答:I’m from?

2.T:Wow, where is my pen, I can’t find my pen, can you help me? Ss: Yes

T: but we should learn some new words firstly.

Step2: presentation and practice:

1. learn :desk chair

① learn :desk

T : Look, it’s a box ,what’s this?(把盒子放桌子上)学生可能会说桌子或者是desk,教师一边课件上呈现图片一边慢慢读desk,让学生猜这个单词里含有哪些字母。猜出之后让学生试着读,教师给 1

予适当的提示_e__,读的好的领读。(音、形、义学习单词) ② learn: chair


?chair China Children


③read desk and chair (由慢到快)

2. learn : on in under

①put the box on the desk, ask: where is the box? Maybe students say:在桌子上。课件呈现图片和单词on 在?上,学习on。而后呈现单词the on desk,让学生试着排列介词短语,最后引导学生说句子It’s on the desk.紧接着chant:on on ,on the desk,it’s on the desk.用同样的方法学习in under(学生可以仿照on the desk说出in the desk 和under the desk)

②chant: on on ,on the desk,it’s on the desk.

in in ,in the desk,it’s in the desk.

under under ,under the desk,it’s under the desk.

③put the box on/ under the chair, practice word phrases and sentences.

3. read words: read after the tape then read in pairs

4. check the results: listen and number on page 39

5. help the teacher to find the pen(under the book),but Zip can’t find his ruler ,can you help him?(呈现图片)

先: Where is the ruler ? It’再:

?Where is Zip? It’s

Where is the bag ?

Where is the eraser ?

最后:learn:cage,answer the questions 2

?Where is the blue bird? It’s the cage.

Where is the brown bird? It’s

Step3:consolidation and extension:

1. practice the sentences in pairs and report with their stationery.

2.play a game:(hide the stationery)ask: Where is my /your??

3.extend:The bird is in the tree.

The apple is on the tree.

4.look ,our four good friends are playing games ,who are they? Can you answer the questions according to the pictures?

?Where is ChenJie’s foot?

Where is Amy’s hand?

Where is ZhangPeng’s arm?

Where is Mike’s hand?

5. let’s do and relax our body.


Where is the? ?

It’s on /in/under the ?


1.listen and read the words

2.say the sentences what you like according to the picture on page 39.

Time is up,let’s put away our stationery .Put your pen in your pencil-box, Put your book and your pencil-box in your schoolbag. Let’s develop a good habit of organizing stationery. 3

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