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Part A Listening (听力部分,40分)


( ) 1. A. ticket B. finish C. trip

( ) 2. A. dictionary B. first C. plane

( ) 3. A. hen B. cow C. ink

( ) 4. A. city B. helpful C. really

( ) 5. A. list B. basket C. king


( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )


( ) A. What can I do for you?.

( ) B. How long may I keep the book?.

( ) C. Would you like a Chinese one or English one?

( ) D. How happy we were!.

( ) E. How did you come here?


( ) 1. A. Sure! B. It’s snowy. C. Yes, it’s Snow White..

( ) 2. A. Yes, I can. B. My parents.

C. An English one.

( ) 3. A. By ship. B. Two weeks.

C. It's next to the gym.

( ) 4. A.

It’s great. I really enjoyed it.

B. Certainly. Here you are.

C. Yes, but wait a moment.

( ) 5. A. She’s from England. B. It’s Monday.

C. I’m from China.

Part B Writing 笔试部分 基础题60分,拓展题20分。


return a book dictionary ink king a library card


( ) 1. A. Snow White B. The Moonstone C. ink

( ) 2. A. keep a book B.a dictionary C. renew a book

( ) 3. A. skirt B.long C. tall

( ) 4. A.story book B. dictionary C. helpful

( ) 5. A.a CD B. a tape C.finish

七、选择正确的答案补全句子或对话, 将代号填在括号里(10分)。

( ) 1. ---What size does she wear? ---

A. Great! B. Small. C. Thank you.

( ) 2. ---what about this one? ---

A. It’s very nice. B. I’m twelve. C. Yes, we are.

( ) 3. ---Please return it in two weeks. ---

A. Let’s send her some flowers. B. She’s not in.

C. OK, I will.

( ) 4. --- May I borrow your book? ---

A. Certainly. Here you are. B. It was Monday.

C. It’s my pleasure.


--- Go along this streert and you’ll find it soon.

A. could you tell me the way to Nanjing Road?

B. how are you?

C. is it the first time you come to Beijing?


Librarian: Can I help you?

Li Dong: I want to borrow it.

Librarian: Here you are.

Li Dong: ?

Librarian: Two weeks.

Li Dong: ?

Librarian: Li Dong: Thank you.


九、读短文,判断句子正误,正确的写 “T”, 错误的写 “F”。(10分)

Tuesday May 7th Fine

Today is a happy day for me. I am glad to get a story book from

Tom. Its name is Snow White. Tom is a English boy. He lives in

England. We are good friends. He took me visit many places of

interests in London when I was in England. I am learning English. I

think this book will be helpful.

Wang Shi

( )1. Wang Shi gets a story book from Li Dong.

( )2. The name of the book is Snow White.

( )3. Tom lives in America.

( )4. Tom and Wang Shi visit many places of interests in London.

( )5. Wang Shi doesn’t think this book will be helpful.


拓展题 20分



rest take


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