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Week4 Unit8 Transportation

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he tree need street keep end
[i:] [e]

[i:] [i:]


bee three fresh spell free each

[i:] [e] [e]

[i:] [i:]

knee jeep lend rent easy


[i:] [e] [e] [i:]

Please remember! ? What did we learn last week? ? I beg your pardon? / Excuse me, can/could you say it again?

? May I have a question? / May I ask a question?

Could/couldn’t ? Could/couldn’t for past abilities and possibilities --People could walk across a river if it wasn’t too deep. --If a river was too wide, they couldn’t build a bridge across it.

In pairs, make sentences using could and couldn’t.

Be able to ? Be able to for specific abilities in the past. -- He put the brakes on, but he wasn’t able to stop the bus. -- I was able to go back to work after two days.

In pairs, make a sentence using be able to.

In groups, play ‘The Good News, Bad News Game’.
? One player begins to make up a story about something that happened yesterday. He/she stats by saying, ‘The good news is …’ e.g. The good news is … my dad invited us to the movies. ? The next player continues the same story by saying, ‘But the bad news is …’ e.g. The bad news is … we weren’t bale to get tickets or the movie. ? Other players continue the story, giving good news and bad news in turn, until you run out of ideas!

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