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Pep 五年级英语下册Unit6 A learn

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Unit 6 A field trip
A Let's learn


What is the boy doing? He's pickingleav up pick leaves.



What is the boy doing? He's catching catc butterfli butterflies.



What is the man doing? He's taking pictures.

take pictures

What is the girl doing? She's watching watc insec insects.



What is the boy doing? He's doing an do an experiment.


watching watching picking up picking up insects insects doing an catching leaves leaves experiment catching taking butterflies doing an butterflies pictures taking experiment pictures

Who is the lucky dog?
选择你喜欢的数字,如果数字后是词组请读出词组, 如果是笑脸,恭喜你,你是幸运的!

catching butterflies

1 4 watching insects7 doing an 10 experiment taking13 pictures

doing an experiment

2 picking up leaves 5 8 picking up leaves11 14

doing an experiment

3 6 catching 9 butterflies taking12 pictures watching 15 insects

A: What is _____ doing? B: He's/She's __________.

Filling the blanks 填一填
Today is Sunday. We are going to the park. Look! Chen Jie is catching butterflies _______________ .Mike is watching insects _______________ Peng is doing an experiment taking pictures .Zhang ___________. Sarah is ______________ . What is Wu Yifan picking up leaves

Let's make a dialogue!
? A: What are you doing? ? B: I'm ______________. What are you doing? ? A: I'm ______________.

? Let's go on a field trip. ? There's so much to do. ? We can collect leaves, and taking pictures, too. ? We can watch the ants and see what they eat. ? Let's go on a field trip. ? It's quite a treat.

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