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时间 :2013年5月28日

主备人 :邹翠

参加人: 肖琴 .符小美.徐金花,邹翠

一、教学内容:A Read and say


知识与技能: 能听懂、会说、会读 theatre, by taxi.

过程与方法: 能听懂、会说、会读日常交际用语Let’s go by taxi. How do we go there? Shall we go to?by?? Is this?for??及其回答. 并获得运用所学语言进行交际的能力。要求读音正确,语调自然。

情感价值感: 能正确流利地朗读并表演课文。


能正确理解运用Let’s go by taxi. How do we go there? Shall we go to?by?? Is this?for??及其回答。





( 1)扮演司机、乘务员等所需的道具。

(2) 景点图片。




A Free talk and motivation

1 Sing a song: Go to school

2 Free talk

T:What time does Nancy go to school?

Ss: At seven fifty.

T: Nancy goes to school at seven fifty. What time do you go to school? S1: I go to school at seven forty.

T; How do you go to school? By bus or by bike?

S1: By bus.

T: How do you go to school,S2?

S2: I go to school by car.

T: Now ask and answer in pairs: How do you go to school?


3 Motivation

T: The weekend is coming. Do you want to go to Hongshan Zoo, Xuanwu Lake Park or Fuzi Temple?

Ss: Yes.

T: How do we go there? Let’s discuss.


T: Let’s go to Hongshan Zoo.

S3:Great! But how?

T: Shall we go to Hongshan Zoo by taxi?

S3: OK. Let’s go.

T: Let’s go by taxi. Today we are going to learn“ Unit 6 Let’s go by taxi”.(揭示课题并带读。)


B Presentation and practice

1 T: At the weekend, there’s a good play called ‘Cinderella’. (一部叫做灰姑娘的儿童剧正在上映。)David and Nancy want to see it. Where are they going? And how do they go there? Let’s watch a cartoon. Then fill in the blanks.

David and Nancy are going to the by.


2 T: David and Nancy go to the theatre by taxi. But how do they want to go there at first? Let’s watch Part One.(图1,2)

Ss: By bus.

T: Right. Look, they’re at the bus stop. They are asking the man some questions. What do they want to know? Let’s read Part One.


3 T: The bus isn’t for the theatre. So David and Nancy can’t go to the theatre by bus. They go there by taxi. Let’s read Part Two. Then act it.

C Read and say

1 跟读课文一遍,注意语音语调。

2 自读课文一遍,小组分角色读,教师给予巡视并辅导。

3 小组表演。

D Consolidation

情景: 你的好朋友从外地来看你,今天,你要带她南京一日游。(提示先选择一至三个浏览的地点: The History Museum, Fuzi Temple, Mochou Lake Park) 教师与学生示范对话

T: Let’s go to the History Museum.

S4: Great! How do we go there?

T: Shall we go there by bus?

S4: OK.

T: Is Bus No.9 for the History Museum?

S4: Yes, it is.

Practice in two.

Ask three groups to act.

七 作业设计

1 Listen and read the text five times.

2 Copy the text and translate it into Chinese.

八 板书设计

Unit 6 Let’s go by taxi(A) A: Let’s go to the ?.

B: Great! How do we go there? A: Shall we go there by ?? B: OK.

A: Is Bus No. ? for ??

B: Yes, it is./ No it isn’t.

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