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Unit7 It’s raining. Section B

What do they mean?

sunny cloudy




How is the weather?








cool warm hot

How is the weather in …?
What is the weather like in …?
sunny (and warm 暖和的/hot 热的). cloudy (and cool 凉爽的).


windy (and cool).
raining/rainy (and humid 潮湿的).

snowing/snowy (and cold 寒冷的).

1a. Match the words with the pictures.
1.__ d dry 3.__ e cool 5.__ c hot 2.__ a cold 4.__ b warm






1b. Ask and answer questions about the weather in the pictures in 1a.

1c. Listen and write what Mary and Eric answer to “How’s it going?”.
How’s it going? Mary Eric not bad great

what are you doing?

How’s the weather?

1d. Listen again. Write the answers to “What are you doing?” and “ How’s the weather?”.
How’s it going?
Mary Eric not bad great

what are you doing? I’m visiting my grandmother I’m having a party.

How’s the weather? hot, dry, sunny terrible, cold, raining

1e. Role-play a conversation between Mary and Eric.

2a. Talk about the pictures below with a partner. How’s the weather? What are the people doing?

How’s the weather ? It’s warm and sunny. What is the people doing? She is sitting by the pool and drinking orange juice. How’s the weather ? It’s cool and cloudy. What is the people doing? They are climbing the mountain. How’s the weather ? It’s raining. What is the people doing? She is writing a letter in her room.

2b. Match each postcard below with the correct picture in 2a.

Dear Jane, How’s it going? I’m having a great time visiting my aunt in Canada. She’s working here and I’m going to summer school. I’m studying English and I’m learning a lot. I’m also visiting some of my old friends. I’m so happy to see them again. It’s afternoon right now, and I’m sitting by the pool and drinking orange juice. It’s warm and sunny, and it’s very relaxing here. See you soon. Su Lin

To Jane _________ _________ _________

Dear Jane, How is your summer vacation going? Are you studying hard, or are you having a great time in Europe! My family and I are on a vacation in the mountains. I want to call you but my phone isn’t working, so I’m writing to you. It’s hot in your country now, isn’t it? The weather here is cool and cloudy, just right for walking. See you next month. Dave

To Jane _________ _________ _________

2c. Fill in the chart with information from the postcards in 2b.
Name Where are How’s the they? weather? Su Lin Canada warm and sunny cool and cloudy What are they doing? visiting her aunt, studying English, visiting old friends, sitting by the pool walking in the mountains, writing to Jane



3a. Fill in the blanks

Dear Xiao Lu, It’s winter in Harbin. The weather is snow windy People _______and______. are wearing hats and sweaters, but they’re having fun. Friends are __________Russia buying bread to take home. playing

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