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人教版PEP小学英语六年级下册第四单元第六课时课件 (3)

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Unit4 My Holiday
Section B reading

Learning aims:
1.To be able to read and translate the text correctly;

2.To be able to complete the exercises correctly .


A:What did you do on your last holiday? B:I went to a zoo/visited Kunming/...

leave -----left (离开)


I left home and got toDalian on June 1st .

on the 2nd

on the 3rd

on the 4th

on the 5th

prepare-----prepared(准备) I relaxed and prepared to go back to work. relax----relaxed(放松)

第一first=1st 第二second=2nd
第三third=3rd 第四fourth=4th

第五fifth=5th 第六sixth=6th
第七seventh=7th on February 1st

on the 1st

leave--left 离开
get-- got 得到 relax--relaxed 放松 prepare--prepared 准备

Task 1 (问题闯关)

(fasting reading)

Read the passage quickly,then answer the question. (快速阅读,回答问题)

When did they leave Beijing ?

On February 1st Where did they go ? They went to Harbin.

Task 2(火眼金睛)careful reading(细读) Judge “T” or“ F”(判断 对错) skiing (1)I went ice-skating on the 3rd. F

(2)I did my homework on the 4th. T
friend F (3)I bought presents for my parents. (4)Werelaxed tired and prepared to go back to work. F

Task3: Fill in the blanks
(1) went skiing
(2) did my homework (3) went ice-skating

(4) bought presents for my friends

Who is the fastest ?

In your group,read the passage one by one.Who is the fastest? (小组合作阅读,你是最快最准确的吗?)

Task 4
Retell the passage.

那是个很长的假期。 我们在2月1号离开了北京,在2号到达 了哈尔滨。在第一天, 我和我的父母一起去了公园。 在3号,我去滑雪了。 在4号,我做了我的家庭作业。 在5号,我去滑冰了。 在6号,我给我的朋友们买礼物了。 在7号,我们乘飞机回到了北京。 假期的最后一天, 我们放松了一下并且准 备回去工作或上学。

Check yourself (达标检测)

B 1.We play football____Saturday afternoon. A in B on C at 2.Did she wash her clothes? B Yes,______.A did B she did C she didn't B 3.We_____Beijing on February1st. A leave B left C leaved A 4.___the 5th. I went ice-skating. A On B In C At


___went to____. He/She went there by_____. He/She_____.

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