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(时量:60分钟 总分:100分)



1、 same sell stay

2、 less least land

3、 cover over never

4、 hawker butcher poet

5、 straight interested different


1. I’m good at____________.

2. Anne does not have enough money for the___________.

3. Have you got __________money?

4. Tomorrow will be .

5. There are_________ milk in Picture Two.

III、听录音,判断句子的正误。正确的划T,错误的划F。(5分 )

( ) 1. I am interested in English.

( ) 2.Picture Two has fewer flowers than Picture One.

( ) 3. There is a book and three pens in Jim’s desk.

( ) 4.Anne had enough money to buy a picture book.

( )5. Some space stories are more interesting than fairy tales



Dragon Boat Race dirty mark Space Museum librarian 1

You’re good at drawing , Peter.


There are more shops in Picture One.




Does John jump higher than Mike? The elephant. I have a headache, what can I do? I got up at six. Which is the most biggest animal? No, he doesn’t. What time did you get up? That’s a good idea! Let’s go to watch the Dragon Boat Race, OK? Go and see a doctor. III.单项选择。(共15分)

( ) 1. I don’t like_________.

A. skate B. skates C. skating

( ) 2. What do you ________ doing?

A. liked B. like C. likes

( )3.She tried to _________but she fell over.

A.skating B. skate C. skates

( ) 4.Can I __________at that dictionary

A. looking B. look C. looks

( ) 5.There_______ many lights on the ceiling

A. are B. is C. am

( )6.I will ________the book to you.

A. to sell B. sells C. sell D. selling

( )7.”Please get up!” _________ my mother .

A. said B. say C. saying D. said to

( )8---Let’s go and watch a film, OK?


A. Thank you B. That’s a good idea

C. I like drawing D. Here you are

( )9.---_________it useful enough?----Yes, it is.

A. Did B. Does C. Can D .Is

( A.at,on B.at,in C.about,on D on,in


1、 loved Chairman Mao people is by the Chinese(.) 2、 of that mine piece is than meat better(.)

3、 swim can sister your(?)

4、 playful is the monkey the animal most (.)

5、 film they a watched Sunday last(.)


He is Jim. His father is a driver. They usually go out in his father’s car on Sundays. Sometimes they go swimming. Sometimes they go to see his uncle. His uncle is very good at fishing. He catches lots of fishes. Then they take them home for supper. His dad cooks the dinner. Jim helps him. They like cooking fish and eating them too.

1、 What does Jim often do on Sundays?

2、 How does Jim go out on Sundays?

3、 What is Jim’s uncle good at?

4、 Who cooks fish?

5、 Does Jim like eating fish?

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