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一、 听音,选出你听到的句子。(5分)

1. Don’t put your feet on the seat.

2. Is there a bus on the road?

3. Peter was second.

4. My birthday was on the fourth of May

5. I saw him in the playground.

二、 听音,排序(5分)

1.post office 2.mine 3.by plane 4.ring 5.where

三、 听音,选择单词序号填空。(8分)

1. Lingling saw a strange man yesterday.

2. ---Is that your seat? ---Yes, it’s mine.

3. I went shanghai by plane.

4. ---Whose picture is it? ---It’s hers.

5. ---Where did you go? ---I went school.

6. My birthday is on the fourth of May.


1.What’s the matter?

2.Who saw the man?

3.Is that yours too ?

4.When’s your birthday?

5.Where was the ring?

6.Don’t pick flowers in the park.

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