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Choose the best one from A, B, C, or D to fill in each blank.

1. We’d better insure the house it burns down.

A. if B. in case

C. when D. provided

2. So strange on one recognized him.

A. his appearance was B. his appearance that

C. was his appearance as D. was his appearance that

3. A number of physicians said that smoking was A. as an important cause of death today

B. an important cause of death today

C. such important cause of death today

D. as important a cause of death today

4. He thinks of nothing but money.

A. making B. make

C. to make D. makes

5. A. Had I no sooner left the school

B. No sooner I had left the school

C. I had no sooner left the school

D. No sooner did I leave the school

6. Mistakes carelessness may have serious consequence.

A. due to B. because of

C. in spite of D. despite

7. Words on A. the paper B. paper

C. a paper D. an paper

8. He is that friend.

A. boss’ B. boss’s

C. Boss D. bosses’

9. Behavioral scientists say that it is essential that an infant loving attention.

A. must be given B. will be given

C. be given D. will give

10. I’d rather now.

A. him to go B. he should go

C. he went D. he goes

11. Before he retires next September, Mr. Smith A. will teach B. will have been teaching

C. has taught D. has been teaching

12. A. Poor although he is B. Poor as is he

C. Poor when he is D. Poor as he is

13. That A. Must B. can

C. mustn’t

D. can’t

14. “I have to pay ten dollars for this bowl.” “It’s probably ”

A. worth

B. worthy the price

C. worth it

D. worth so

15. Why he was absent was A. because

B. that

C. for

D. in that

16. I A. think B. believe

C. wish D. guess

17. I have done nothing except for the police.

A. send B. sent

C. sending D. to send

18. The government discussed the matter for a long time but shown no signs of reaching an agreement.

A. have…it has B. has…they have

C. has…it had D. have…they have

19. They must have finished it yesterday, A. mustn’t they B. haven’t they

C. didn’t they D. needn’t they

20. He grabbed and pulled me onto the bus.

A. the arm

B. me by my arm

C. by my arm

D. me by the arm

21. Mary works in the hospital, but she is a nurse A. not only, but also B. both, and

C. neither, nor D. either, or

22. Will you be A. so kind as to B. very kind as to

C. kind enough as to D. enough kind to

23. A. Owing to B. Since

C. Because of D. Being

24. How long ?

A. Mary said she would be away from home

B. did Mary say would she leave home

C. did Mary say she would leave home

D. did Mary say she would be away from home

25. Somebody A. must be B. must have been

C. may be D. ought to have been

26. Helen didn’t go there yesterday and .

A. I didn’t, too B. I didn’t as well

C. neither did I D. nor I did

27. A. But for B. Excepting for

C. Except D. If it were not

28. The baby needs A. being looked after B. to look after

C. to be looking after D. looking after

29. A. Two of us B. The two of us

C. Both two of us D. The either of us

30. a wrong address, I couldn’t find his friend’s home.

A. Having given B. To give

C. Having been given D. To be given

31. A. I hope you not to have hurt

B. I hope you wouldn’t have hurt

C. I wish you haven’t hurt

D. I hope you haven’t hurt

32. The doctor insists A. that he will rest B. him to rest

C. that he rest D. that he must rest

33. He himself wrote a A. five-hundred-word B. five-hundreds-word

C. five-hundred-words D. five-hundred-word’s

34. John hardly ever goes to .

A. neither the cinema or the theater

B. neither the cinema nor the theater

C. the cinema or the theater

D. either the cinema nor the theater

35. Can you lend me the dictionary the other day?

A. that you talked about

B. which you talked

C. about that you talked

D. about it you talked

36. A. It is known to all

B. As is known to all

C. Which is known to all

D. We all know

37. I’m interested in you have told me.

A. all that B. all what

C. Which D. that

38. The sun heats the earth, is very important to living things.

A. that B. which

C. what D. this

39. I don’t think we have met before. You are confusing me with .

A. some other B. other person

C. Someone D. someone else

40. Alan sold most of his belongings. He has scarcely left in the house.

A. Everything B. anything

C. Something D. nothing


1-5: BDDAC

6-10: ABACC

11-15: BDDCB

16-20: CADCD

21-25: CADDB

26-30: CADBC

31-35: DCACA

36-40: BABDB

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