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Class _________ Name ________ No ________

I. Fill in the blanks with “in ,on with at of”(用“in ,on with at of”填空)

1. It is cold in winter. I like reading at home.

2. We can feel and touch with our hands.

3. I have three pairs of shoes. They are red.

4. There are some trees on the mountain.

5. That is a picture of family.

II. Fill in the blanks(用所给词的适当形式填空)

1. My father likes skating (skate) on the ice.

2. What are (be) these? They (it) are nice hats.

3. Sally has (have) a friend. Her (she) name is Kitty.

4. What are those (that)? They’re scarves (scarf).

5. May I have some (some) pizzas?

6. How many (many) babies are there in the room?

7. How much (many) are your shoes? 50 yuan.

8. Are there (there be) any gloves in the bag? Yes.

9. We like (like) some bread.

But they don’t ilke (not like) bread.

10. Tom likes riding (ride) his bicycle.

He can ride (ride) it well.

III. Read and choose.(选择填空)

(A)(1) What’s that______English? It’s a sweater.

A. in B. on C. of

(B)(2) Are there any books on the desk? Yes,____________.

A. they are B. there are C. their are

(C)(3) How ________the pineapples feel?

A. are B. does C. do

(A)(4) _________ the light. It’s dark.

A. Turn on B. Turn off C. Take off

IV. Change the sentences. (改变句子)

1. I have some juice. (否定句)

I haven’t any juice. 划线提问)

What’s this?

3. He likes summer best. (换种说法意思不变)

His favourite season is summer. 划线提问)

What’s by the window?

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