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小学英语PEP五下U5A talk

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Unit5 : Look at the monkeys
Part A Let’s talk

Magic eyes (魔力眼)
Read and act(读和表演).

? fly ---------- flying ? jump---------jumping ? walk --------walking ? run ----------running ? swim---------swimming









What do you see?

I see...

mother elephant

I see the …

baby elephant

I see the bird !
What is it doing ?

It is _______. flying

cat I see the ___!

What is it doing

flying It is __________

I see the elephant ! it doing ? What is __ It is________. walking

see the rabbit ! I ___ What is _____ _____ it doing ? It is________. jumping

I see the fish ! What is it doing _____________? It __ swimming _______.

I see a woman. she doing? What is ____ She _____ is swimming

is __ he doing? I____ see a man What __ He is ________ . running


is ____ it It __ is ___ swimming ? What ___ doing?___

is ____ he doing?___ He __ is running ? What ___ _____

She is walking is she ? What ___ ____ doing?__ __ _____

Questions: 1.What can they see?

Chen: I see the mother elephant. She’s walking. Amy: What is she doing? 3.What is the baby elephant doing ? It’s running. Chen: She's walking. Amy: What about the baby elephant?What is it doing? Chen: It's running.
2.What is the mother elephant doing ?

They can see two elephants.

Chen: I see the mother elephant. Amy: What is she doing ? Chen: She's walking . Amy: What about the baby elephant?What is it doing ? Chen: It's running .

Chen: I see the . Amy: What it Chen: It's . Amy: What about the doing? is Chen: It's .


Chen: I see the . Amy: What it Chen: It's . Amy: What about the doing? is Chen: It's .


人物: monkey panda I it 进行时: eating doing jumping 其他: the see is what about

1.Copy the passage for once on your exercise book. 抄写课文一遍。 。 2.Preview next lesson.预习下一课。

Look & Guess

The panda is walking . The pig is jumping .

The cow is sleeping .

The snake is writing . The tiger is flying .

Fishes are swimming .



A running The lion is __________.

B The lion is sleeping. running The tigers are____________. swimming The pandas are ____________.

The tigers are sleeping .
The pandas are climbing.

New chant
A tiger is running. Running ,running, running. An elephant is walking. Walking ,walking, walking. A rabbit is jumping. Jumping, jumping ,jumping. A birds is flying. Flying, flying ,flying. The fish is swimming. Swimming ,swimming, swimming. The zoo is never boring.

Look and write
Animals panda Doing

monkey rabbit tiger elephant kangaroo horse

dancing flying eating jumping swimming walking jumping running

Animal show

大熊猫:目前总数仅仅1000只,被列为. 一级保护动物, 国际自然保护

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