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Unit 4 What Are You Doing?
B Let’s learn

Let’s chant
What are you doing? I am doing the dishes. What are you doing? I am drawing pictures. What are you doing? I am reading a book. What are you doing? I am cooking dinner. What are you doing? I am answering the phone.


Look! This is my family album.

What about Mike’s family?


writing an e-mail _______________

listening to music _______________

washing the _____________ clothes

writing a cleaning the ___________ __________ room __________ __________ letter

What is my mother doing?
cooking dinner She’s______________.

What is my father doing?
answering He’s___________ the phone _______________.

What is my sister doing?
drawing pictures She’s_______________.

What is your father doing?

He’s writing an email.

What is your mother doing?

She’s washing the clothes.

What is your sister doing?

She’s writing a letter.

What is your brother doing?

He’s cleaning the room.

What are you doing?

I’m listening to music.

Hello. ___ ____ How’s everybody doing? Uncle Larry

Just fine

Can I speak What aboutto ___ is ___________ him _________? Sure. Hold on your dad? in the study.

Finish the sentences.
_______ is _________. _______ is _________.
_______ is _________. _______ is _________. _______ is _________.

She is writing an e-mail.

He is washing clothes.

She is listening to music.

She is cleaning the room.

She is writing a letter.

Test your eyesight

She is writing a letter.

He is cleaning the room.

He is writing an e-mail.

报 纸 news 新闻,消息 paper 纸

Grandma is cooking. Cooking noodles. Sister is listening. Listening to music. Mom is writing. Writing an e-mail. Dad is reading. Reading the newspaper.


1.Copy the new phrases twice. 2.Listen to the tape for 15 minutes .

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