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一、单项选择,将正确答案的序号填在题前括号内(每小题1 分,共16分) ( )1. The bad news made everyone in the family _________.

A. worriedly B. felt worried C. feel worry D. worried

( )2. I don’t think he’s ever been to the Monkey Island, _________?

A. isn’t he B. hasn’t he C. do I D. has he

( )3. Tom______ the nice kite to fly for 10 yuan.

A. paid B. bought C. spent D. cost

( )4. Do you remember how long ago ___________to China?

A. have you traveled B. you have traveled C. did you travel D.you traveled

( )5. Lily with her parents_______ the Greener China since two years ago.

A. have joined B. has joined C. has been in D. have been in ( )6. Oh, Jim. How nice to meet you! I haven’t seen you ________.

A. long long ago B. for a long time C. for long D. since a long time ( )7. Look! How many sheep there are on the small hill! I have never seen_____ sheep.

A. such little B. so little C. too little D. such a little

( )8. If the Browns go to visit the Summer Palace, ______ if it ______ rain tomorrow.

A. so we will; doesn't B. so will we; doesn’t

C. so do we; doesn’t D. so will we; won’t

( )9. I think the short stories ______ by Dickens are very popular ______ the children.

A.are written; for B.are written; among C.written; among D.written; between

( )10. I am not sure ____ he will come here. ____ he comes here, please let me know.

A. that ; When B. that; If C. if; Whether D. whether; When ( )11. We soon found him ________.

A. easily to get on with B. hard to get on

C. difficult to get on with D. hardly to talk to

( )12. This kind of books ______ well and ______ out in this bookshop.

A. sells; are sold B. sells; sells C. is sold; sells D. is sold; is sold ( )13. I can’t say ______ I want to visit my grandma. It’s a long time since we met last.

A. how often B. how long C. how soon D. how much

( )14. We’d better go and tell her the______ news. I’m sure she will be very_____ it.

A. surprising; surprised at B. surprised; surprising to hear

C. interested; interesting in D. interesting; interest in

( )15. he spoke, excited he was.

A. The more, the more B. The better, the more

C. The more, the better D. The louder, the well

( )16. We should try our best to make __ as possible when we speak English, or

we’ll make ourselves __.

A. as few mistakes; mistaken B. as few mistakes; mistake

C. so many mistakes; mistaken D. so few mistakes; to mistake



One day, Bruce played in front of a house. A woman came up and asked

Bruce,“Little boy, is your mother at home?”

“Yes, she is,”answered the boy.

Then the woman went over to ring the bell. The bell rang and rang, but no one came to open the door. The woman got angry and called out to him,“ You told me your mother was at home, didn’t you?”

“Yes,”the boy answered.“ My mother is at home, but this isn’t my home.” ( )1.One day, Bruce played ________.

A. in a park B. in the street C. in front of a shop D. in front of a house

( )2.The woman wanted to see ________.

A. Bruce’s mother B. Bruce’s father C. Bruce himself D. nobody ( )3.The woman went over to ________ after she talked with Bruce.

A. knock at the door of the house B. ring the bell of the house

C. give a call to his mother D. ask his mother some questions ( )4.The woman got ________ because no. one came to open the door.

A. pleased B. surprised C. angry D. afraid

( )5.In the story the woman didn’t find Bruce’s mother because ________.

A. she went to the wrong house B. she didn’t know Bruce’s mother

C. Bruce was not at home D. Bruce didn’t have a mother


A man went to a fast-food restaurant to buy his lunch. “Hi,” a worker said. “May I help you?”

“I’d like a hamburger, large chips, and a Coke,” the man said.

“Anything else?” the worker asked.

“No,” the man answered. “That’s it.”

“Is that for here or to go?” the worker asked.

“To go, ” the man said .

The worker put the man’s lunch in a bag. The man took out his money and paid for his lunch.

“Thank you,” the worker said. “Have a nice day.”

The man took the bag and walked to a park. He sat down and opened the bag. He was surprised. There was no hamburger in the bag. There were no chips. There was no Coke. There was only money in the bag—a lot of money ! The man counted the money. Two thousand dollars! Why was the money in the bag? Where was the man’s lunch?

The manager of the fast-food restaurant needed to go to the bank. He put two thousand dollars in an envelope. He put the envelope in a bag and put the bag down. The worker gave the manager’s bag to the man by mistake. So the manager had a hamburger, chips and a Coke, and the man had two thousand dollars. What should the man do?

( )6. The man went to a restaurant to ___________ .

A. buy his lunch B. have a rest C. sell drinks D. cook food ( )7. The man wanted to have his lunch ___________ .

A. in a hotel B. in a shop C. in a restaurant D. in a park ( )8. When the man opened the bag , he found ___________ in it .

A. food B. drink C. money D. nothing

( )9. ___________ couldn’t find his money.

A. The man B. The manager C. The worker D. Nobody


Mr Smith was in trouble those days. He drove a car for Mr Black, a rich

businessman. He worked hard and the shopkeeper liked him. But he couldn't work when he drank too much. And once he almost fell into the river when he drove along the bridge. Mr Black became angry and was going to send him away. He had a big family and was afraid of it and promised he would stop drinking at once. The man told him to wait to be dealt with.

One Monday morning Mr Smith came into the office with two badly burned ears. “What happened to your ears?” asked Mr Black.

“Well,” said the man. “I went to watch a football match yesterday while my wife was ironing (熨) clothes. She had put the iron (熨斗) near the telephone before she went to cook supper. Our team lost the game and I felt sorry for it. As soon as I went in the sitting-room, the phone rang and I answered the iron!”

“And what happened to the other ear?”

“When I put the iron down on the table, the telephone rang again!”

( )10____, so he almost drove the car into the river.

A. Mr Smith was not careful B. Mr Smith drank too much

C. Mr Smith forgot they were on the bridge

D. Mr Smith couldn't work in the evening

( )11. Mr Smith went to watch the football match on ______.

A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Saturday D. Sunday

( )12. We can guess ____ .

A. Mr Smith drank much after the match B.Mr Smith was angry with his team

C. Mr Smith didn't drink those days D.Mr Smith watched the match at


( )13. The _____ badlly burned Mr Smith's ears.

A. telephone B. drinking C. iron D. irons

( )14. What would happen to Mr Smith?

A. He would go on driving for Mr Black. B. He would join his football


C. He would never watch any matches. D. Mr Black would send him



提示:你的加拿大朋友Danny, 也是一位中学生。他希望了解你将如何度过这个暑假。为此,你把你的想法写成短文,以后再发e-mail 给他。暑假生活包括以下内容:

1、坚持锻炼身体。 2、根据个人兴趣和需要安排学习。 3、帮助家人作家务。 要求:1. 暑假生活除必写以上3项内容外,其它活动(1-2项)可适当发挥。

2. 字数:100个词左右。

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