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Lesson 3


一. Fill in the blanks:

My coat and my umbrella please! Here is my ticket . Thank you ,sir .


five .


umbrella and your Here’s your coat .

This is not my umbrella . Sorry ,sir .


Is this your umbrella ?

No ,it isn’t .


Is this it?

Yes ,it is .

Thank you very much .

二. Translate the following into English:

请把我的大衣和伞拿给我。 这是我(寄存东西)的牌子。 谢谢,先生。 是5号。 这是您的伞和大衣 这不是我的伞。 对不起,先生。 这把伞是您的吗? 不,不是! 这把是吗? 是,是这把 非常感谢。

二:New words and expressions :

1)ticket 票 bus ticket 公交车票 train ticket 火车票 movie ticket 电影票 等等 2) umbrella 雨伞 raincoat 雨衣 It’s raining, and I need an umbrella.

3) please 请(礼貌性用语)如:May I come in? Come in please! /把please音拖长 表乞求,Mum,give me ¥1 , please.
4) here 这里 例如:Come here, go there You should come here to take you toy. 你应该到这来拿你的玩具。

5) number five 第五号 (简写为 No.) 例如:the bus No.102 102路公交车 补充:No.1 顶级的,最棒的 She is No.1 in our class.
6)sorry 对不起 I am sorry ! 回答1.It doesn’t matter. 2.That’s ok .

三. Answer the questions with Yes or No like the example :

Is this your book ? Yes , it is .It’s my book . Is this your car ? No, it isn’t .It’s not my car. 1.Is this your coat ? 2.Is this your ticket?

3.Is this your school?

四. Write these with short forms : Here is your pen . Here’s your pen . 1.Here is my ticket . 2.It is not my umbrella . 3.It is your umbrella .

4.It is my pen .
5.It is not my pen .

五. Chant :

我是I ,你是You ;
男他He ,女她She ,动物的它是It; 我们We ,你们You ,他们They. Who are you ?

The end !

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