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英语六单元补全对话 正版

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2. They were working on the work. The story reminds us that you can never know what is possible unless you try to make it happen.

3. He said his family will continue to move the mountains after he died.






9. I do no agree with you. a little bit silly a good way to solve a problem instead of moving the mountains For example, he could build a house. many sides to a story

10. have different opinions about a problem.

11. were able to watch a TV program called Monkey.

12. hear the story for the first time

13. the children of China

14. keep it in his ear

15. the main character in the traditional book

16. How does the story begin?

17. Be moved by

18. Take the mountains away

19. The story reminds us

20. What do you think about/of the story=How do you like/feel about the story?

21. The story of YuGong

22. Seem very possible to do

23. Well,

24. Neither of you are wrong

25. Which book is talked about?

26. What is he like?询问人品。区别:What does he look like和 What does he like?

27. Any normal Monkey(单数)

28. Be new to sb

29. Make 72 changes to his shape and size

30. In fact,

31. But unless he can hide his tail,he cannot……注意语境

32. At other times,

33. Come out

34. Western children

35. Help the weak

36. Turn oneself into

37. Continue to do注意区别continue doing

38. What happened next?

39. The other side of the mountain

40. Have no time to do

41. make a dress for the party

42. Fall in love with

43. Get married

44. The main character in/from

45. Make himself a human

46. All over the world

47. Keep everything for oneself

48. Cheat someone

49. Leave someone to die

50. The whole family(集合名词,此时看作单数)

51. Make a plan to do=plan to do

52. In the moonlight

53. Drop sth along the way

54. On the ground


Never mind 主要用法有:


There,there,never mind!好啦,好啦,不要紧的。


— Can I help you with it?要我帮你做这事吗?

— Never mind.别费心啦。


— I'm sorry for that.我为此非常抱歉。

— Never mind.没关系。


Never mind, please don't go for it.I shan't want it.算了,请不要去取了,我不想要。

56.Find one’s way out

57.part(un) of the house

58.lead sb to sp

59.from inside the house

60.get lost

61.learn about=know about

62.in my Chinese class

63.that’s what his wife said,too.

64.be big enough to hold everything

65.the next day

66.The rest of the story

67.Some of the earth(un) and stone(un)

68.day after day and year after year

69.a story from Europe

70.walk through the city wearing his new clothes

71.send sb to do

72.it tells+从

73.fit the shoe

74.the new couple

75.the weather was so dry that no food will grow

76.come with sb to do

77.Be brave enough to do

78.Change one’s plan

79.the second time注意区别the next time

80.act out the play

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