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四年级英语下册期末试题 笔试部分


1.Don't touch the _______(机器)please!

2.What _________(语言)do they speak there?

3.___________( 因为 )they are very cute.

4.Maybe I'll visit my __________(祖父的)farm..

5.We'll send you a _________( 明信片)from England.

6._____________(每一个人 ) ran to the field.

7.It's _______(困难的)to choose

.8.They are __________(鼓掌).

9.It's a __________(出乎意料) party.

10.Look! This computer is __________(漂亮)


( )1.You ____ a very good class. A. is B. am C. are

( )2.Don’t____ ball games here! A. plays B. playing C. Play

( )3.This TV ____ one thousand yuan. A. costs B. cost C. costing ( )4. I___to a concert yesterday. A. go B. went C. goes

( ) 5. My mum and dad played___the concert. A. to B. on C. in

( ) 6. Let’s make ____English newspaper! A. a B. an C. X

( ) 7. An erhu __like a violin. A. look B. looked C. Looks

( ) 8. Do you want to listen ___music? A .to B. with C. in

( ) 9. Was it a Chinese music? Yes, it _____. A. is B. does C. Was

( )10. Once upon a time, the boy looked ___sheep. A. on B. after C. at

( ) 11. There _____no wolf. The boy laughed. A. was B. is C. Were

( ) 12.The people___ very angry. A. was B. is C. were

( ) 13. What’s ___? It’s raining now. A. happen B. happening C. happens

( ) 14. Amy is ___the piano. A. play B. plays C. playing

( ) 15. I’ll draw the pictures. I’m good ___Art. A. in B. on C. at


1.He’s_________ __________. (画花)

2.It’s _______ _________. ( 非常热 )

3.New York is _____ _______ __________.( 在东部 )

4. Let’s ___________________this Saturday! (举行一个班会)

5. 5. Kangaroos ______ ____ _____________. (住在澳大利亚)

6. It costs one___________ ________ __________yuan.(1800元)

7. This computer______ ___________.(漂亮)

四、选择适当的动词填空(8分): (1) broke ran bought went was ate saw was Tilly ___ a mouse. Yesterday, she ___into a shop. She ___some cheese. Then she __the cheese. Tilly __a cat . She ____scared. Tilly ___the door and ___away.


1.( )What does this machine do? A. Because I love Australian animals.

2.( )How much is it ? B. They played the drum.

3.( )Did you tidy your room? C. It’s two yuan.

4.( )What did they play ? D. Yes, I did.

5.( )What’s happening now? E. It washes the potatoes.

6.( )Why do you like Australia? F. Tom is singing.

7.( )Where is Los Angeles? G. They speak English.

8.( )What language do they speak? H. It’s in the west of America.

六、连词成句。(6分) have \ a \ class \ Let’s \ party \ ._________________________________ send\ a\ you \ postcard \I’ll \.____________________________________

we \ ten \ o’clock \ at \ be \ will \ there\.___________________________

and \ can \ we \ our \ fly \ kites \. ________________________________ the\of\is\Washington,D.C.\capital\America\________________



John, Jack and Kate are brothers and sister. They all study in a primary school. John is in Grade Three. Jack is in Grade One. Kate is in Grade Two. They study hard. They are now studying Chinese. They have lunch at school. They often go home at four thirty. Sometimes they go home at five. Their father and mother are both teachers. They teach English. They work in a middle school.

( )1.Kate has one brother.

( ) 2. They all study in a primary school.

( ) 3. They have lunch at home.

( ) 4. They often go home at four .

( ) 5. Their father and mother are both English teachers.

( ) 6. They work i


一.朗读下列单词或词组。每个2分,共10分,句子一个10分 Ate food sang and danced relax see elephant stronger

Kilogram have a fever matter excited washed clothes

Have a toothache smaller cleaned the room hurt medicine have a sore throat cook dinner 160 centimeter buy present Chinese I went to Yunnan with my friends on National Day. And it was fun.

John played football and visited grandparents today.

二、根据实际情况回答问题. 回答3个问题,根据流畅和发音标准程度打分。每个10分。

1. What’s your name?

2. How old are you ?

3. When do you often get up in the morning?

4. What is your favorite season?

5. What did you do last weekend?

6. Do you have an English name? What is it?

7. Can you dance? Can you sing?

8. When is your birthday?

9. Where do you live?

10. What are you going to do on summer holiday?

11. How many people are there in your family?

三.自由对话。 20分

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