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一、牢记下面对话! 配对:给下列问句配上合适的答句

1、向较熟悉人问好 A:Hello! B:Hi!

2、问别人的名字 A:What’s your name? B:My name’s Chen Jie.

3、跟别人分手 A:Bye. \ Good bye! B:See you. \ Goodbye.

4、我有… A:I have a pencil \ bag \ruler. B:Me too.

5、早上相见 A:Good morning. B:Good morning!

6、下午相见 A:Good afternoon! B:Good afternoon!

7、新朋友首次见面 A:Nice to meet you! B:Nice to meet you,too!

8、 A:Let’s go to school! B:OK!


A:How are you ? B:Fine,thank you.

10、 A:Let’s paint. B:Great!

11、 A:Look, I have a rabbit \ monkey. B:Cool \ Super \ Great \ Wow!

12、想看下别人东西 A:May I have a look? B:Sure. Here you are!

13、请别人吃东西 A:Have some French fries. B:Thank you. \ No, thanks.

14、 A:What do you like? B:I like hot dogs.

15、你想吃点东西 A:Can I have some chicken? B:Sure here you are.

16、 A:Thank you. B:You're welcome.

17、 A:Happy birthday. B:Thank you.

18、 A:How old are you? B:I’m nine.

19、 A:Let's eat the birthday cake. B:Great!

20、 A:How many balloons \ gifts? B:Four \ ten.


U1 1、Show me your pencil / ruler / eraser / crayon / pen.

2、Open your pencil-case. Close your book.

Show me your sharpener. Carry your bag. Go to school.

U2 3、Touch your head / nose / eye / mouth / ear.

4、Clap your hands. Snap your fingers. Wave your arms. Cross your legs. Shake your body. Stamp your foot.

U3 5、Show me your red / blue / green / yellow / purple crayon.

6、Black, black. Stand up. Pink , pink. Sit down.

Brown, brown. Touch the ground. White, white. Turn around.

Orange, orange. Touch your head.

U4 7、Act like a cat / duck / panda / monkey / rabbit / dog.

8、Hunt like a mouse. Walk like a elephant. Climb like a bear. Fly like a bird. Jump like a squirrel.

U5 9、Show me your hamburger. Pass me the French fries. Cut the bread.

Eat the hot dog. Smell the chicken. Make the cake.

10、Pour the water. Smell the coffee. Taste the tea. Show me the milk. Drink the juice.

11、Bounce the ball. Fly the kite. Throw the plane. Hold the doll. Drive the car. Blow up the balloons.

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