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1、( )1、A、 bean B、beef C、big

( ) 2、A、funny B、fun C、fat

( ) 3、A、 boat B、road C、pork

( ) 4、A、tall B、small C、sour

( ) 5、A、skirt B、girl C、 good

( ) 6、A、river B、park C、lake

( )7、A、sweep B、sweet C、sunday

( ) 8、A、table B、vegetable C、tree

( )9、A、 dishes B、fish C、trash

( ) 10、A、 housework B、homework C、weekend



( )1、She’s tall and active. She’s also very kind.

( ) 2、I often do homework, read books and watch TV.

( )3、 What do you often have for lunch on Tursdays?

( )4、 I have one trash bin, one end table and two mirrors

( )5、 Can you help me to find a recycle bin,please?


( ) 1、A、I can cook the meal.

B、I can clean the bedroom.

( ) 2、A、Yes , I can.

B、No, I can’t .

( )3 、 A、Yes, there is.

B、Yes, it is.

( )4、A、I like potatoes.

B、I don’t like them.

( )5、 A、A、It’s Sunday.

B、It’s Saturday.


五、找出下面单词中意思不同类的一个,把它的序号写到前面的括号里。(6%) ( )1、A. tasty B. sour C. thin D. salty

( )2、A. bedroom B. closet C. kitchen D. bathroom

( )3、A.village B. tree C. flower D. glass

( )4、A. in B. old C. on D. under

( )5、A. curtain B. trash bin C.fresh D. mirror

( )6、A. fish B. tofu C.tomato D.road


( )1.Who’s your English teacher? A's tall and strong

( )2.What’s he like ? B. Mr Carter

( )3.What do we have on Monday ? C. I often do homework

( )4.What do you do on Sunday? D.We have Chinese and English ( )5.What do you have for lunch? E. I like apple . They are sweet . ( )6.What’s your favourite food? F. We have tofu and fish .

七、读句子,选择最适合的答句。 (16%)

(1) ( ) What can you do? A. I can make the bed. B. Yes, I can .

(2) ( ) Is she young? A. She's our principal. B. No, she's old.

(3) ( ) What do you have on Tuesdays?

A. It's Tuesday. B. We have computer, P.E. and math.

(4) ( ) What's your favourite fruit?

A. I like mutton very much. B. Grapes. It is very tasty.

(5) ( ) What would you like for lunch today?

A. I'd like some beef and two eggs, please B. I like onions and pork.

(6) ( ) What do you do on Sundays?

A. I have math, English and Chinese. B. I watch TV and read books.

(7) ( ) Who's that young lady? A. She's tall and thin. B. She's our principal.

(8) ( ) Are there any tall buildings in the village?

A. No, there aren’t . B. No, there isn’t.

八、看图,完成单词拼写。(10%) 1) There is a new _ _ a _ _ bin behind the desk.

2) My Chinese teacher is very o _ _ and k _ _ _.

3) We have

t _ _ _ for dinner on Thursdays.

4) There is a small

h _ _se in the forest.

5) It’s

_ _ _day today .


No, I can't.


2 ?




4 .



十、阅读短文,判断正误,正确的打“T”,错误的打“F”) (12%)

Hi! My name is Linda. I am 12 years old. I study at Brighton Primary School. I go to school from Monday to Friday .My favorite day is Friday. We have art and P.E. class and we have beef for lunch. Beef is my favorite food. It’s tasty and healthy. My favorite teacher is Miss White. She is our English teacher. She is tall and pretty. Her class is so much fun.

I’m very helpful at home. I can sweep the floor and wash my clothes. I live in a small village. The sky is blue. The air is fresh. There is a river in my village. There is a path near the river. There are no ducks in the river .But you can see many fish .

1) I go to school five days in a week. ( )

2) We have art and science class on Friday. ( )

3) My favorite teacher is tall and pretty . ( )

4) Mutton is my favorite food. ( )

5) I’m very helpful at home. ( )

6)There are many ducks in the river. ( )

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