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1. Cc 2. Ff 3. Jj

4. Mm 5. Ss


China England America Australia

January comes after December.It's the first month of a year


( ) 1. A. monkey B . bread C. tiger

( ) 2 .A. Chinese B. China C. England

( ) 3. A. guitar B. piano C. football ( ) 4. A.Monday B. today C. Saturday ww w.Xk b1.coM

( ) 5 .A.winter B. cold C. Summer



( ) 1、Look, Amy is reading a book.

( ) 2、Sam is an English boy. He’s cute.

( ) 3、I like apples, but I don’t like bananas.

( ) 4、---What did you do last Saturday?

---I played football with my friends.

( ) 5、---How do you go to school every day?

---I go to school by bike.

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五.单项选择。请将正确答案的标号填入题前的括号内。 (每小题1分,共15分) ( )1. –Where is the dog? --It’s the chair.

A. under B. for C. of

( )2. -What does she like? She oranges. 新| 课|标| 第|一 |网

A. like B. don’t like C. likes

( )3. --What will she do next weekend ? ----_________

A. She plays basketball. B. She will go shopping.

C. She visited her grandma.

( )4. The girl is ________ than her friend.

A. short B. longer C. taller

( )5. ------ Will it be cold in Hainan tomorrow?

------ _____________

( )6. ---Sam had too many biscuits yesterday, today he has got a


A. so B. because C. or

( )7. ----What can you see? ----I can see an elephant.

A. colour B. animal C. fruit

( )8. Lingling can the clothes by herself.

A. get on B. turn on C. put on

( )9. ---I think this girl is than the boy.

A. better B. good C. bad

( ) 10. ----____ spring, Daming often flies kites in the park.

A. On B. Under C. In

( )11. I have got English book. ______ book is very new.

A. a The B. an The C. the A

( )12. Washington D. C. is the capital of .

A. America B. England C. China

( )13. – ---They are my grandparents.

A. Who is he? B. Whose is this? C. Who are they?

( )14. There is a___________on the desk. 新| 课|标| 第|一 |网

A. milk B. pen C. books

( )15. Ten years ago, Mr. Li a teacher.

A. was B. were C. is

由莲山课件提供http://www.5ykj.com/ 资源全部免费 A. Yes, it is. B. Yes, it does. C. Yes, it will.

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( ) 29. I’m very hungry.I want to eat some .

( ) 30. My brother is a .He study very hard.

( ) 31. The fat is eating bamboos.

( ) 32. Sam often plays at the weekend.

( ) 33. The is too small for me. Ww W.x kB 1.c Om

( ) 34.There are many on the desk.

( ) 35. Linging goes to work .



( ) 1. Thank you! A. It’s a circle

( ) 2. How did you come here? B. Nice to meet you, too!

( ) 3. Good afternoon! C. I came by bus.

( ) 4. What shape is this? D. Yes, I do.

( ) 5. What’s the weather like? E. He’s a driver.

( ) 6. Nice to meet you! F. Good afternoon!

( ) 7. Do you have a pen? G. I’d like some cakes.

( ) 8. Which one do you want? H. You’re welcome.

( )10. Can I help you? J. It’s warm.

八、补全对话, 选择正确答案的编号在横线上(共10分,每小题2分)

Chen jie: Hi, Amy! ______________? A: What’s the date?

Amy: It’s Wednesday. B: What are we going to see? Chen jie: Oh, let’s go to the zoo this weekend. C: What day is it today?

Amy: Good idea! ____________________? D: Where are you going?

Chen jie: Let’s see monkeys. They are very smart. E: How can we go there? Amy: OK! _________________________? F: Great!

Chen jie: We can go by bike. G:When are we going?

Amy: But I have no bike. Let’s go by bus, OK?

Chen jie: OK. _________________?

Amy: What about eight thirty?

Chen jie: ______________. x k b 1. c o m

九、 用所给动词的适当形式填空。(6分)


Can you __________(jump) very high?

由莲山课件提供http://www.5ykj.com/ 资源全部免费 ( ) 9. What’s he ? I. A short one, please!

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2、 I want ___________(go) and play basketball.

3、Jim and Bill________________ (sing) in the room now.

4、There are some __________(book) on the desk.

5、There ________(be) a picture of my father in my bag.

6、The boy often _________(play) football here .

十、 阅读 (15分)

( 1 ) 根据短文,判断正误,对的写“T”, 错的写“F” x k b 1. c o m

It's Sunday morning. The students of Class 3 are giving their classroom a good cleaning.Miss Huang, their teacher, is working with them. The children are busy. Some are carrying water; some are cleaning the windows; others are sweeping the floor. Zhang Hua is putting up a map on the wall. It is a map of China. Wang Fei and Wei Qing are mending some broken chairs. The children are listening to the radio while they are working. The classroom looks nice and bright after the cleaning. The children are very happy. They go home for lunch at noon.

( ) 1. The children are playing in their classroom on Sunday morning.

( ) 2. Miss Huang, their mother, is working with them.

( ) 3. There is a map of China on the wall.

( ) 4. Two of them are repairing the broken chairs.

( ) 5. They are singing while they are working.

( 2 ) 阅读短文,根据短文内容选择正确答案

There are seven days in a week . They are Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday . Sunday is the first day of the week . In Sunday , I am playing cards with my friends . Monday is the second . We are walking to school . Tuesday is the third . I often do my homework . Wednesday is the fourth . We are flying kites in the park . Thursday is the fifth . We do my math . Friday is the sixth . We are working hard at school . Saturday is the seventh . We are having fun together .

( )1、There are days in a week . 新| 课|标| 第|一 |网

A、six B、 five C、seven

( )2、What is the first day of a week ? .

A、Monday B、Saturday C、Sunday

( ) 3、What am I doing in Tuesday ? .

A、do my homework . B、fly kites . C、do my math .

( )4、The fifth day of a week is .

A、Friday B、Thursday C、Wednesday

( )5、In Saturday , we are .

A、doing my homework B、flying kites C、having fun together

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一、1. Bb Dd 2. Ee Gg 3. Ii Kk 4. Ll Nn 5. Rr Tt


三、1. B 2. A 3. C 4. B 5. B

四、1. C 2. E 3. D 4. B 5. A w W w.x K b 1. c o m

五、1. A 2. C 3. B 4.C 5. C

6. A 7. B 8. C 9. A 10. C

11. B 12. A 13. C 14. B 15. A

六、1. C 2. F 3. E 4. A 5.G 6. B 7. D

七、1. H 2.C 3. F 4. A 5. J

6. B 7. D 8. I 9. E 10. G

八、 C B E G F

九、1. jump

2. to go

3.are singing



6.plays 新| 课|标| 第|一 |网

十、(1)1. F 2. F 3. T 4. T 5. F

(2)1. C 2. A 3. A 4. B 5. C

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